Today it's a good thing to be called a genius and bad to be called a bastard. Why or how have they changed?

I already know the awnser but thought it interesting to see who else might!

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    your a funny guy! i think you're using these terms randomly! "genius" and "bastard" are two things you can be born with by no choice of your own. i was born with one, how 'bout you? you're the bastard that's asking the genius question, lol, you already know the answer. did i get it right.

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    Surely you got that the wrong way round???

    Today 'genius' is used more like an insult! Whereas once it was a compliment...!

    And nowadays people call everyone 'bastard' - so it's lost it's sting as an insult! Plus of course, in the UK alone at LEAST 1 third of all children ARE bastards, and it's not seen as a negative thing at all..! So although bastard might not be a compliment, it's no longer an insult in it's literal meaning of illegitimate. Because illegitimacy is no longer a scandal.

    ; )

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    Bastard has always meant "not the legal heir", not able to legally inherit the father's money... not the child of the legal wife. I don't know about any negative meaning of genius.

    or the genius that's asking the bastard question...

  • 1 decade ago


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