how to make money at 13?

i had a lawn mowing bussiness, failed

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    Try collecting aluminum cans and turning them in for recycling. My son did this at age 13 and made a lot of money.

    Take a big plastic garbage bag to fill up when you go collecting.

    Walk country roads on Saturday and Sunday mornings -- you'll soon discover places where Friday/Saturday night partyers throw their cans into ditches.

    If you're near a beach, pull cans from waste containers and pick them off the beach on "morning afters." Either way you're doing the environment a favor. (Wear rubber gloves when you're pulling them from trash containers).

    Keep your eyes peeled, and you'll soon find many "hot spots" where cans accumulate.

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    At 12 years old there isnt much choices for you to make money but you still have a few options. One option is to babysit .. put up posters and flyers untill you get some phone calls. Another option would be to have a yard sale .. find old cloths and toys you dont need and sell it. One more option would be a lemonade sale or another summer drink ... find a busy street and make a huge sign. That is all the choices I can think of.

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    Babysit kids. Put up a flyer at a gas station, church, or just around the neighborhood. Also, when babysitting have a price because some people will try to rip you off totally...... I am thirteen too!!!!

    Good Luck :)

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  • babysit.

    or, this is newly successful with me, if there's a local swim team and the parents have to work meets, offfer to take thier jobs (from ribbons to timing to concessions) and do them for money. my sis' swimteam has parents do 6 or 7 jobs per swim season and I know the vast majority would be grateful to get out of them. put up flyers at the pool, and don't overbook yourself.

    check your state's labor laws, my state lets me get a real job at 14 (such as in fast food or whatever)

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  • 1 decade ago

    if you live in new york, you can sell candy for an organization Future America look in the newspaper for part time sales job.

    i make $60 bucks in 4 hours

    3 - 4 days a week

    I live in staten Island( any borrow)

    good luck in job searching

    its $3.50 for candy and u get 1 dollar a box try it!

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    lol, sorry about the lawn mowing business. get into babysitting

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    Dog-walking for elderly or folk who go on vacation

    Child care --can take child care classes/first aid training through libraries or Red Cross--check with your local ones

    Buddy up with others and have a kids (teens) garage or yard sale

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    get an under the table job. work cutting lawns, at a resteraunt busing tables, in the country bailing hay, shoveling horse ****, walking peoples dogs, cleaning/detailing cars and other mic. jobs.

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    1 decade ago

    Babysit,do house work ur parents usually do.Depends were you live, rake leaves,and when its ur birthday,instead off suckish presents that you will throw away,ask 4 a card full of money*cha-ching*

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    Babysit, petsit, deliver newspapers, garden for neighbors, write a story and get it published, design websites for people, or get a job at McDonalds/Burger King.

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