does anyone know the mathematical formula for calculating the ascendant?


the step by step derivation of the ascendant that is

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  • 1 decade ago
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    There are various sites that enable you to calculate charts online, but a good one to use is the excellent Astrodienst site. Start off by going to the Astrodienst site and on the left hand side of their home page click on the link saying “Free Charts”. This should take you to a general menu where you click on Please Click Here on the right hand side of the screen to enter birth data. Enter the relevant details, click the “show map” box, and continue. You are now taken back to the original menu. This time, however, a box saying “Currently selected Astro data” appears on the right hand side.

    Now select the “Chart drawing and Ascendant” choice from the menu, and the chart is displayed. Your ascendant will appear in red on the left side of the page below your name and other personal information.

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