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My fellow Americans: did u have a good holiday?

while you're at it, can u answer one of my questions?

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    I'm not American, but I am on holiday right now! :)

    Vacationing back home in the Russian Federation... I'm heading over to a resort town on the Black Sea in a few days to lounge around on the beach which is where I will make women love me and men jealous. Ha ha...jealous of my lack of skin cancer as I lack a good tan.

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    Yes had a very good 4Th. I spent it with my Daughter, and ex Husband we have been great friends for many years. All you have to do to have a great time is to spend it with the people you care the most for. This country was built on the foundation of Freedom of choice to spend the holidays with the people you love and care for. Happy Fourth of July.

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    I'm not 100% American but I'm damn proud that this country has given me a lot of opportunities so this holiday I celebrated like every true patriot would, honoring the American flag, celebrating the day with the family, and thanking GOD that he's blessed this country so much.

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    Yeah 2 points

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    Absolutely. Spent the day out by the pool with the family. Was perfect.

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    It was good. Spent a chaotic day at my father's house, ate too much, talked alot, and watched a spectacular, unsanctioned fireworks display.

    FYI - I answered one of your other questions.

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    Yes, Quiet but nice. Thank you for asking. And yes I will answer another question.

  • Izen G
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    1 decade ago

    Still alive, still have all my fingers. So yeah, it was a good holiday.

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    Yes,everyone did!

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    yes. spent the whole day with my new bf & lots of friends tha i never get to see. it was wonderful!(we had pretty good fireworks too)

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