I have a sister that was raped and murdered sometime in the 60s. I was looking for the article on her murder?

She was the mother of a two year old. If any one knows how I can find that article please let me know.

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    There are a couple of websites you could try if it was a high profile case:



    Also go can go to your state's website and search there in criminal court records using your sister's name or the name of her murderer if the case went to trial. Criminal records will also provide information on his sentence, where he is and when/if he is eligible for parole. If he's out, he will probably be a registered sex offender if he was charged with rape so you can find out where he is now by checking their sex offender pages. All of this is a matter of public record. Otherwise you can call the clerk of courts where it happened and get guidance on how to proceed to obtain the available court or police records from that office. When the records are so old they are before computers they will be harder to get if the case never went to court. But even so it may still be an open file and still on record. Your last means is to use the newspaper's website where it happened. Most of the daily newspapers have put their issues at least on microfiche, if not computer. Good luck. I hope this helps.

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    You would do best to contact the main newspaper in the city where this occurred. I did this and was sent to the archives at the local library where I had to look through reels of microfilmed newpapers. You would probably have to either know the dates or have a lot of time on your hands. The other thing (in the day of e-mail) would be to try to look up the newspaper online and e-mail someone there who might be able to help you. Good Luck!!!

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    If it's from the 60's it may or may not be on the internet but you could try your local library. It wont hurt to try google or some online research databases, maybe an online library, perhaps? I'm very sorry about what happened to your sister.

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    Hi I am sorry that you lost your sister and for her 2 yr.old. First find out which town and state that she lived in, next go to the library and look up in the archives for the name and approx. date of the crime. This should lead you to the information your searching for...good luck in your search...God Bless...

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    The local library would be a place to start. Most have archives of daily and weekly newspapers.

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    The library, the old fashioned way.

    Microfish, some old papers were put on micro fish, mostly major papers.

    You might also be able to get an old police file info, doesnt hurt trying. or old death records etc. to get more info.

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    Im not sure but if you find out then please let me know. I would really like to find the article for when my grandparents were killed.

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    You can try typing in your siters name on Google and see what comes up.

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    i don't know but I am really sorry about that. God Bless you

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