My 9 1/2 month baby old refuses to hold her bottle ?

she will be 10 months old on the 15th and for some reason she will not hold her bottle. i will try and put her hands on it and she pulls them away.if i try and push it she get crabby.during meal times she uses a sippy cup and refuses to hold that to. i know she can hold it because she has before.but 99.9 % of the time she wont. should i just let it go? i don't mind holding her and giving her the bottle. it's just i know she should be holding it her self by now.


i have never gotten angery at my baby for not holding her bottle. i have never gotten angery at my baby for ANYTHING she is a baby for god sake. i am not going to stop giving her bolttles untill she her dr. says its time. babys need the formula for a reason until they are at least 12 months old it says that right on the can of formula. those whos answers supported me i appreceate

you and your time to answer me. i am going to continue to hold her bottle for her right up until it's time to take the bottle away.if need be.thanks again too all the mommys who know.

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    I'm glad you don't mind holding her. You sound like you have a close, loving relationship with your daughter, which is probably why she wants you to hold the bottle. She finds comfort in being in your arms, which is great, because she is getting comfort from you and not from an object.

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    Remember that your baby's job at this age is to develop at her own pace. They don't stay baby's for long so let her decide when she is ready for that step. It is okay to encourage her to try initially. Tell her what you are expecting in a pleasant voice. "Mommy's going to let you try to hold your bottle first. In a few minutes, mommy will take over but you try first". They really get what you are saying earlier than people realize. Then give her a couple of minutes. I promise you that when she decides she is ready for that bottle or sippy cup, nothing will keep her from taking it herself. She will not starve in a few minutes and it gives her a chance to assert her independence when she is ready. She will take that sippy cup better as time goes on. Consider switching her to the sippy cup during meal/snack times and offering bottles only at bed/nap times. Yes, developmentally she can probably hold her own bottle or cup, however, emotionally she may not be ready. Try telling her to try then you take over after a few minutes and see how that works. If not, then relax, help her and enjoy the fact that she wants that quality time with you. In a few years the bottle won't be the issue, the car keys will...on her way out the door.


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    My daughter is 10 1/2 months. Very smart, walks, runs, etc. She wont hold her bottle either--she can too-- I think in my daughters case she is lazy, and spoiled. She holds her sippy cup but doesnt really know how to get the liquid out herself... Do you think your baby wants the attention and alone time with you??

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    Just keep encouraging her to hold the bottle. Sippy cup is another story. Set it in front of her and let her do it on her own. If she wants a drink she will try.

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    Why would you be feeding a 9 month old even as she become asleep? i'd in simple terms use a sippy cup. She's lots the right age. 12 hours without a feed is unquestionably nice for a 9 month old. that is completely complication-free for little ones to be snoozing for 12 hours at a stretch by using then. in case you truly can't get her to drink her milk, then imagine about straight forward techniques to characteristic it to her solids. Custard is tremendous, as is cheese sauce, and milk with cereal. you should use formula for all of them.

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    Stop giving her a bottle. At this age , when she is doing something like this you are going to have a much easier time trading off to a sippy cup.

    Also, don't just give in. And don't push it. Just put her in her high chair with the cup. If she doesn't drink it, then leave it alone. Once she realizes that you are not going to do it for her, then she'll start doing it herself.

    By this age my daughter was totally self feeding. She made a mess but she fed herself with a spoon and drank all by herself. Your child can do it, you just have to encourage her to do it herself.

    A warning... Don't become angry or overly upset about her not doing it. Just act like it doesn't matter to you if she drinks it or not. Children at this age are very perceptive. If you make eating a big deal you are going to have trouble at mealtimes for years to come.

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    at that age my son was exactly the same - he wouldnt even take a sippy cup except to play with.

    i didnt bother with it and then one day when he was just over 10 months old he took the bottle himself.

    if he is crabby or sleepy he likes me to hold it for him but more often than not he does it himself!

    it took a few different cups but now we have found the right one thats all he will drink from now!

    guess what im trying to say is dont stress - your daughter will do it when she is ready

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    My daughter will be 10 months on July 15 and she will not hold her bottle for me either. Don't sweat it now. Allow her to continue the bonding with you, while easing into letting her hold it. Sometimes if I sit her bottle in her playpen and look away, she will grab it.

    Remember, all babies develop at their own pace. Don't compare your daughter to others. Just be sure she continues to progress in a positive direction.

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    Don't stress. It is better if you always hold it. At about a year you can take the bottle away so If she isn't too attached to holding it now, it will be easier to take away in a couple of months.

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    Your baby wants you to hold it for her because that is a significant part of her relationship with you.

    My year old son holds the bottle for himself at daycare but wants me to hold at home. I gather that he just sees me as the guy who holds the bottle because I have always done that.

    Try to force the issue with your daughter. She will probably cry but will eventually learn.

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