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Anybody know of a good website for taking care of fish?

Wikipedia sucks so don't even bother. And I know how to use a search engine like yahoo and ask Jeeves. So don't bother with that either. Just tell me if you know a good websight and I'll give some one a best answere. Thanks ;-)

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    This is a great website for finding info on specific types of fish. Just click on the fish you have and there will be in-depth info on how they eat, proper temps, and their aggressiveness.


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    My favorite places are forums. This gives you the opportunity to ask questions to experienced fish keepers, and discuss you questions further after they've answered you. All of these are free to join, but you must join first to ask questions.

    Here are some of my favorite:

    www.aquariacentral.com (has forums for all types of aquariums, and my favorite, just don't mind the flamers on there)

    www.malawimayhem.com (focuses mostly on african cichlids)

    www.riftnreef.com (focuses on african cichlids and saltwater)

    Source(s): My own experience.
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    There are plenty just search the web. there are many forums advicing you

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    go to a good pet store and you can find out anything if they know what they are talking about. [sorry i dont know of any web-sights]

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