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got any ideas?

ok its that time of year.. my boyfriends birthday and i have used up all my great ideas on his past birthdays do you have any great ideas i can do i want simple not to expensive maybe a little kinky i dont knw just throw me ur ideas please

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    mabey you should get him some sexy colone and a coupon book (make it your self) with stuff like a free massage or some thing a little sexier *wink wink*

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    I'm sure he will like anything you give him, however... I have been in your situation. But... I gave my bf the stupidest present you can ever give someone... so don't make the mistake I did. lol. Anyway, if you get something that shows you care, even if it's just a card that tells him that you love him, or even has a bunch of inside jokes that you two have shared during the past, I'm sure he'll like it a lot. Just show him that you care about him, and that should be enough.

    PS. If you get him the card, tell him you put a lot of thought into it, that will make it all the more special! Good luck!

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    whatever you get him wrap it up in brown paper bag then take duct tape and wrap every inch of the paper with it. do this 3 or 4 times and give it to him then laugh evilly as he tries to open it up.

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    Take him to a strip club and buy him a dance. Act like you are SO turned on by it. I did that once for my dude and he just loved it.

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    You can get him a gift card, then he can get whatever he want' s

    Or take him to his favorite place to eat. Also shaw him u care and hope he has a great b-day.

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    dinner at a crazy place neither of you have been

    gift certificate to his favorate shoe store

    romantic evening in new lingerie

    love poem

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