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a ment this reli fit guy but hes 20!!!?

OMG!!! HES BLOODY 20!!wht should a do am still in contact with him all the time a only spent a weekend wi him but he says he reli likes me and he knows oh old a am .the thing is he could get any girl he wants but he had 2 pic me wht should a do ??

and u no the worst thing his my boyfriend was goin frew ma text with ma permsion but a forgot about the 1s tht wear there and hes gone metal wht should a do ? xx

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    If you're any younger than 18, stay away from him. As for your boyfriend knowing about it, maybe it's a sign that this 20 year old guy is trouble. Let it go.

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    Based on your spelling and grammar I'm guessing you're in middle school. That means you're 13 at the oldest.

    I say stay the heck away from that guy. Any 20 year old going after 13 year old girls is looking for someone who can be easily manipulated into sex. It's not about love with him, it's about lust.

    You may want to report him to the cops or the school in case he already has a job working with other impressionable youths.

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