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how to get rid of my acting wife??

Iam an Indian working singapore as IT Engg.I was married in 2001 and my wife is very shy like village girl she never expresses anything openly.immed after marriage she became pregnant and she went to her moms'house &i also joined her.When i saw my wife's sister i found she was like my dream girl.she possessed all qualites what i have in my dreams as i started loving her very much and she too loved me.but for which i never hated my wife ,i did everything to my wife and i was good to her too.i took her to all places.but my wife's sister after she got married told me that she never loved me at all but only acted for her sister's sake that my wife was facing some problems due to my sisters.this was real shock to me,becoz i loved her so now i hate everyone and i want to leave my wife also and divorce her and now she also came to know that i loved her sister.but still she is not giving divorce she says she loves me very much.i feel she says only for money how to divorce

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    This was very hard to follow, but Im doing my best. I dont understand why you are so angry with your wife. What did she do wrong? Plus now she has your child..stay,love your wife, raise your child in a loving home. The sister is now married, so that option is out anyway. Children need both parents, the childs welfare should outweigh your own.

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    Wow! I can't believe she's staying with you. You sound like such a "winner". You deserve what you got. I laughed out loud when I read that the sister said she never loved you and was only leading you on. So, you married your wife knowing how she was, she now has your baby, and you don't want to stay married to her because her sister didn't love you back? You can't have your cake and eat it too. Get over it already. You married your wife knowing how she was, so why are you acting like it's a big surprise now? You have a FAMILY now, act like a man and not a 15 year old child who didn't get their way. It's time to grow up and face your responsibilities. Deal with it.

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    How can you be married to someone that you really don't love? Do what is best for you and your wife. I would never want to be with someone that didn't want to be with me - it would be very painful. Marriage is for two people who really love one another, cherish one another, care about one another...more than most things in this world. If you do not love your wife and lust for someone else...then leave. You need to love your wife or leave her alone. You seem very cold hearted. Love is a choice. You could work on loving and paying more attn to your wife and make the marriage better or just bail on her because you lust for someone else. Be a man and make a choice that will be best for you and your wife in the long run.

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    Make it work with your wife.. She didn't do you any wrong. Try to see how much she loves you and love her back.. Love isn't all a feeling you know.. It's a choice. Fact is, you probably only knew lust for the sister, not real love. Good Luck

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    You were not good to your wife. How would you feel if she loved your brother. You should take your wife and move away from the family and try to full fill your committment to her and God that you would love her and protect her. Become her friend and spend your life with her. You should not divorce her.

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    I think you were really messed up. How could you fall in love with your wife's sister. That is adultery you know. That is so rude.

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    divorce her

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