My hair is so thick that it takes 30 minutes to 1 hour to untangle. How do i get rid of my tangles????


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    I have the same problem. Here is what I use.

    Bath and Body Works has some great stuff for this. I get their American Girl Inner Beauty shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo is in vanilla and it's called Show Your Shine. The conditioner is called Work It Out. The conditioner is a great detangler. Then they have a orangish yellow detangler spray that smells like bananas and it's in the kid section. Works wonders. I spray a good amount of that in my hair every morning and it does work.

    Another option is Herbal Essence and their detangling spray but most of it has to be used when your hair is wet, so it kinda defeats the purpose of using on dry hair.

    But what I mentioned above is what I have found to be the best. My hair is really thick and really long as I am trying to grow it out for cancer patients and so I have to try and take good care of it. So that's what I do!! Hope it helps!

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    Use a rich, thick moisturizing conditioner with great slip when you wash your hair. While the condish is on, use a plastic, wide-tooth shower comb to GENTLY detangle your hair. Work from the ends up in small sections, removing the tangles and smoothing your hair. Then rinse. Flip your hair over, use a leave-in conditioner that also has good slip. Gently blot your hair with a towel, DO NOT RUB! Then comb again with a seamless, wide tooth comb. Be gentle, work from the ends up in small sections. It may help to de-tangle with your fingers first. Hope this helps.

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    First, be sure to use a de-tangle product. They are similar to conditioners, but specifically made to de-tangle hair. Follow directions on bottle.

    Then I recommend you use a large-tooth comb and starting at the bottom of your hair, start running the comb thru your hair in sections. when the bottom is de-tangled, move the comb higher and go thru the hair again. Continue until you are down to the base of your hair at the scalp and can comb straight down the hair shaft without tangles.

    This method prevents a lot of discomfort and breakage. Combing from the scalp down immediately can actually create more difficult tangles. This is why you start at the bottom and work your way up.

    Tip: holding your hair firmly against the scalp will prevent pulling and breakage while you are combing out tangles.

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    I cut my hair for that very reason. A lot of why hair tangles is because our hair gets build up in it. Get a clarifying shampoo and a good conditioner. If it tangles during the day, there is a spray conditioner that you can use as well. Aussie is a bit pricey but it has EXCELLENT detangling products.

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    Keep it braided in-between shampoos, unless it's a really special event.

    Use a really good conditioner, in small amounts, to keep the tangles to a minimum.

    Keep the ends trimmed as split-ends are a big cause of tangles.

    Braid hair at night so it won't tangle while u sleep.

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    Use alot of conditioner in the shower and keep a comb in the shower to try and get some of your tangles out while you're in there. Also try using tangle spray. Usually they are for children but they work for adults to. You just spray it on.

    If this doesn't work then try a leave-in conditioner. Also you can try to prevent tangling it by putting it up in a bun at night.

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    Following your shampoo and conditioner, use a good cream rinse.

    After the shower, apply one product (glass drops, etc.) that contains the chemical called dimethicone to your towel-dried hair. Wait a minute or two, then gently comb with a wide-toothed comb.

    My hair is like steel wool when it is wet, but a few drops of any styling product containing dimethicone works like a breeze. The chemical coats the hair shaft and helps protect, smooth and detangle.

    Source(s): I manage a Hair Club for Men and Women.
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    Nest time you get your hair cut, have the stylist thin your hair. Until then, if your hair is long, you could braid it, especially if you'll be in windy conditions. The company that makes Johnson's Baby Shampoo used to make No More Tangles conditioner and it really worked so check to see if it's still available.

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    Use a natural boar bristel brush, make sure its stiff, some are really wimpy.Start at the ends aand work your way up.

    Then brush it before you wash it.

    Also put it up when you sleep, bun pony tail whatever so it doesnt tangle.

    And get a satin pillow case, it keeps your hair from breaking..

    Oh and I use Enjoy Hair mask as a conditioner, the BEST i have ever bought.

    Pricey but you dont need alot and it really works.

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    Pantene makes the best conditioner and comb it with the conditioner in while in the shower. Sleep with your hair in a braid so it won't get tangled. That's my biggest problem.

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