What would you rate yourself from 1 to 10?

1 being UGLY and 10 being a SUPERMODEL. And please be honest to us an yourself.

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    What is ugly? Each person has their own definition of ugly, and if you have someone who is self conscious, then they would rate themselves as being a 5 or less, yet if you ever see them you'd think they were a 8 or 9, or even suprisingly, a 10. which leads me to my other point

    Why is a supermodel a 10? in my opinion most of them are repulsive, with faces that I would rather not look at (i swear their bones and viens stick out of their faces close up). The only thing supermodels have going for them is their really thin frame and TALL bodies.

    Now, I'm really thin, but not to the point where i have my veins sticking out of my face, nor my bones, i'm a size 3

    I'm not that tall, 5'4", and no longer growing. I have nice eyes the way I see in (i'm not self conscious about much except my small size 6 feet)

    I'm not perfect, no one on earth is perfect, no one deserves a 10.

    BUT everyone deserves a 9.9999999 BECAUSE everyone on earth is beautiful in their own way, to at least one human. Who are we to judge our looks and rate ourselves, let our soul mates and loving parents do that for us.

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    I rate myself a 10 because I am beautiful

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    i would give myself a 9 because i wear glasses but i still look good but when my contacts come in its a 10++++++++++++ lol

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    My top half is a 7 but my bottom half is more like a 5!! LOL

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    i say 10 because I'm Spanish, i got great hair and tanned skin. and many boys are after me. I'm not conceited im convinced.

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