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Who else gets the magazine "teen Vogue"?

I used to get seventeen and cosmo girl too, but cosmo girl was too grown uppy for me.

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    It depends on why you feel the other one was too "grown uppy"... Was it the articles, or the fashion and beauty stuff? Because "Teen Vogue" is very much like "Vogue" but for a younger audience... it's mostly about affordable runway looks and more than maturely average inteviews and articles... Not much "girly, girl" stuff that pokes at insecurities or low-self esteem... I love it, but then again, I'm a fashion obsess'o...

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    good day, i do not see why no longer, i imagine each and every individual like magazines. i imagine it truly is a particularly cool and unique concept...maximum individuals get crap like a pair of champagne glasses (it truly is what I were given very last time i became in a celebration). I actual have under no circumstances used them back and am now deliberating eliminating them. I did have one ingredient to operate in spite of the indisputable fact that. did you understand each and every individual properly adequate to personalize the options better? I propose, perchance each and every guy needs Maxim, yet I actual may favor absolutely everyone of many different magazines...purely make positive you do not keep on with some thing that they received't pick. i'd quite get medical American mag.

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    I pay for CosmoGirl and Seventeen, and I get Teen Vogue for free (, I think). Anyway, my favorite is Seventeen, then CosmoGirl. I really don't like Teen Vogue. Its really not my style. Teen Vogue is really vintagey and not the kind of stuff I wear. I usually just do like a 5 minute flip through it and then throw it away. I don't like it, you might though!

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    those 3 magazines are exactly what i subscribe to! but my favorite is teen vogue, its a fashion magazine perfect for teens, or even for those in their early twenties. it's fun and informative. i get to learn what's in style since they are always updated with the latest fashion. in my opinion teen vogue is the best among the 3.

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    i love teen vogue

    my favorite magazine

    seventeen and cosmo girl are my other favs

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    i get it, but i like seventeen much better... i'm not that into fashion and someone telling me that a $50 t-shirt is better than a cool one you can get @ a thrift store for a buck!

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    I love Woman's world.. I start reading it when I was 12 & now I'm 20.. I realy injoy reading it.. They are all way full of great stuff!!!

    Source(s): I have 365 + copice in my room!!
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    Yeah, I do. I especially love teen vouge, perfect magazine for teen girls!!

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    i dont but my friend gets that i think. ill have to try it!

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    I get it, but it isn't my favorite.

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