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How to make busines plan?

Small business for food services

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    You should start with budget, and you have to budget everything, right down to the toilet paper. If you aren't sure you will need money in one aspect of your business, allocate some anyway.

    Next is marketing and advertising, crucial, but you can start too soon, I wouldn't start airing and-or printing until your menu and hours of operation are decided, approved and the fundamentals paid for. Two weeks to grand opening should be enough.

    Decor, target markets, pricing, accounting, staffing, policies and procedures (in manuals with indexes) forms, insurance, benefits (workers comp and fed benefits can't be avoided, and can be costly) fiscal calender, special events calender, vendors, service providers (electricians, plumbers, window and floor cleaning, kitchen equipment cleaning, cooking oil removal) utilities, all need to be divided into sections of your plan and you need to make detailed measurable plans to deal with all of them.

    When you have all these things in rough draft, submit them to people you know and trust for review and if you can talk them into it, finessing the particular segment for you. To meet your approval, of course.

    Go to your small business association, they have lots of free and low cost help, and the people there have been where you are.

    Best of luck, proceed with caution, food service businesses loose more than they win. Again, good luck.

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    Go to the Small Business Administration. They have retired volunteers that once owned successful businesses. I think it was called SCORE, or something similar. They can help you write your business plan for free.

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    Do your friends and family dig your food / menu? :-)

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    take spelling lessons first.

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