Are all learning disabilities in young children physical or could some be learned behaviours?

I am a kindergarten teacher, I have twins in my class a boy and a girl the little girl is very bright but her brother has a hard time focusing his attention during language activities, and due to this he doesn't retain that much information, but he has good gognitive skills. This is their first year in the school so I have no history to go on. He writes his name well and he draws pictures with a lot of details. He has a very sweet and gentle nature. His sister is used to recieving a lot of attention because she's so bright and she has a strong personality. My concern is does he have a learning dissability or is his behaviour a learned behaviour?

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    Learned behavior causing academic failure is a behavioral problem, NOT a disability. With a good regular ed teacher who understands motivation and metacognitive instruction, students who have learned to fail, who do NOT have a disability, will start to succeed.

    A learning disability, true ADHD, and other special education issues ALL have a physiological basis. These are neurological wiring, neurochemical, and physical structural issues, NOT an issue of willpower or learned behavior.

    Only a special education diagnostician (given that your district has competent diagnosticians) can determine if the young man in your class has special education needs, or if it is environmental/learned behavior.

    Get him in to your Child Study Team NOW!!! Early intervention makes a huge difference farther down the road, whether the problem is a disability or an environmental issue.

    Time to do some personal professional development:

    Source(s): I am an Elementary Special Education teacher (Master's Degree).
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    He may be used to "playing second fiddle." If he is not getting the attention that he needs to thrive, then he may not be thriving as he should.

    My experience with children that are labeled "emotionally disturbed" is that they could have been smart, but something has happened to get in the way. With students that have been abused or neglected there is too much garbage in their heads to allow proper learning. The tendency is that the worse the abuse or neglect, the worse the learning disability. I don't know if you would classify this as "learned."

    Source(s): Several years working with "emotionally disturbed" students.
  • Some are learned.I know for my son hes got dyslexia and it wasn't caught early on and teachers all thought he was being lazy.He just wasn't getting the help he needed.

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