I want to work at a Cancer Institute or a place to help cancer patients. How do I accomplish this?

Im a Art major now at the Art Institue. Majoring in Film. But I have always had the interest in doing something to help cancer patients. And I was thinking about making film a secondary major. But I don't really know the process. Should I go to med school and all that. Is there another way?

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    depends on how you are wanting to help cancer patients. you could use your current skills to make films with the patients as the "stars"; help patients make personal films for their loved ones; volunteer your services to local or national cancer society offices; offer your services as part of a raffle or silent auction as part of a cancer fundraiser. other ideas: become a Hospice volunteer - not all but many Hospice patients are cancer patients.

    If you decide to go to Medical school, you may need to take a lot more science classes. Not to put you down, but not everyone has the ability to get into medical school and do well. Also, though, you would not have to be a physician. a degree in microbiology or genetics might help you get into research. You might try talking to a counselor at your school or a career counselor somewhere else. Good luck. I admire your desire!

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    First, you should volunteer at a hospital to get your foot in the door. Talk to a lot of people about your interests and background. Since you are into filmmaking, you could perhaps work with medical experts to create educational videos for patients. In my clinic, we have educational videos that introduce the step by step process of their treatment so the patient is fully informed when they actually proceed with their treatments. This can be dubbed into many different languages. Every hospital has a slightly different approach to things so they would most likely need individualized videos. Also, you can make videos for the different site groups like breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer etc etc. The possibilities are endless!

    Good Luck!

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    Just an idea I am a cancer patient and they have a network called Chemo Angels. www.chemoangels.com . I have not one but 2 chemo angels we talk on the phone send pictures give daily and or doctor reports it is a wonderful program and oh my the spirits it brings to a cancer patient. there are children and adults in this program. You might want to think about starting here and making a documentary on this wonderful network of wonderful people. I never even knew of anything like it but my oncologist set this up for me and I did not even know. Give it a try. I am also not sending a sales pitch but I know there are more people out there to many I might add that have cancer and just going to mailbox daily when you feel horrible to see there is a cheeful card or a special phonecall to lift your spirits just when you are about at your whits ends with all the stuff. Good luck in all your adventures.

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    Contact your local children's hospital. The one in Oklahoma does art therapy a couple of times a week. Talk to the people at the cancer center, or maybe a hospital social worker. They should be able to point you in the right direction. Also, do a search for local charities that help families of children with cancer. They may know how to get you started as well. Good luck!

    Source(s): Watching children with cancer truely enough themselves on art day! I know my son did, and is currently looking forward to his next check up, which is on art day. : )
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    The answer has been found in preventing it in the first place. U.S. law 103-417 has shown that over 20,000 studies conclude we can prevent disease such as cancer, heart disease and osteoporosis, 2 of the 3 biggies, by proper healthful diets. Here is a link to the FDA's website and law http://www.fda.gov/opacom/laws/dshea.html

    The problem is, who's going to advertise it? Not the pharmaceutical industry as that will put them out of business. Not the disease associations, Cancer Inst. Diabetes Assoc... as that will put them out of business. Of course we keep supporting them because we want "the cure". Diabetes magazine, a national publication, wrote an article how drug companies are not looking to create cures, they are looking for more ways to treat symptoms. In fact, they are looking forward to the next block buster disease. Diabetes has lancetes, glucose monitors, shoes, socks, insulins, boots, several drugs for circulation, glucose monitoring... and more. The are waiting for a similar disease to create more products and profits. This is why I don't support the "Race for the Cure" or any other like organization.

    We all know that eating properly is key but, did you know the FDA raised the servings amount of fruits and vegetables to 9-11 servings everyday? Why? Because our foods do not have the nutritional value they had 50 years ago and we need to eat more to get the same previous value. Who even eats the 3-5? That is why we need to supplement our diets with whole foods nutrition.

    This is also why I became a wellness consultant and although I know the task ahead of me is daunting, the reward will be great. I could sure use your help in spreading the word. Thanks.

    All I know is that if I had cancer, I would start taking all natural antioxidants, lacctoferrin and eat alkaline foods. I will continue to use my infrared comforter to help me stay alkaline and keep checking my ph level.

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    If you want to work for someone that actually cares about cancer patients and they're not just out there to make money? then you need to visit the link below and check out Dr Holts radiowave therapy institude. Its based in Adelaide, and does not get funded by the government because they dont believe in his work, and yet this man has been treating patients that were given only months to live and they're stil around to tell a tale..If you want to volunteer I am sure they will be more then greatful...


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    I work in cancer research.

    If you just want to help - try volunteering at a local hospital.

    If you want to really work on it, then you'd need at least a bachelor's degree in the natural sciences (biology or chemistry) to get a job in research.

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    you might try volunteering at a hospital that specializes in cancer patients and see if something there interests you.

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