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what is the best type of food to feed a maltese with?

i currently feed my dog kibbles and that ok?

and my dog has like 2 fleas on that going to make him anemic?

he uses shampoo that kills the fleas though..

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    Kibbles and Bits is crap food. Full of dyes and sugar. Feed Iams small bites or Eukenuba.

    Maybe you see 2 fleas but there are tons of eggs that you cant see. Use Frontline Plus on the dog so he does not have bugs biting him! Not a good feeling for him!

    Bathing just washed off adult fleas and then eggs will hatch..use Frontline Plus!

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    Check out

    You can rate your dog food. You will find that Kibbles and Bits is Junk food for dogs.

    They have some of the best foods available today and some can be ordered from them or purchased in your area.

    Start using a product like Frontline ot something like that for the fleas.

    The fleas spend about 90% of the time OFF the dog and are only on the dog to feed. If you have found any treat them aggressively so you can get rid of them.

    Source(s): I am a dog trainer
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    Kibbles and Bits is not ideal. It's like feeding your pet McDonald's everyday. And the problem with flea shampoos is that they kill the flees but not the the eggs, so you'll keep getting fleas. Your dog needs a monthly dose of medication that will eliminate fleas and prevent any further problems. Can only be obtained by prescription from a vet.

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    Science Diet is really good and has lots of vitamins. Kibbles and bits does not but it won't kill him. He should take a vitamin.

    Advantix will take care of the fleas. They multiply and so you should get rid of them totally.

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    A home-made diet is great but a high quality kibble can also be good. Innova and Natura make some of the best foods.

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    IAMS is the very best food for him. Also, try revolution or frontline plus for the fleas, you can get them from your vet. I have a one year old maltese, and it works well for him.

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    Science Diet is onne of the better dog foods.

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    Fiberous biscuits in the shape of little falcons.

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    i like kibbles

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    Donkey testicles.

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