How do security agencies work? Can bodyguards shoot people who pose a threat, etc? Are the "movies" correct?


This is in reply to the first three responses: take the movie "The End of All Days" for example (Arnold Schwartsenager <- sp. ). What in it is truth, and what is fiction of that large based security agency?

And Secret Service? What powers do they have?

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    You can find the answer in any book that teaches the rules of your state with regard to gun regulations. Essentially, if you are faced with an "imminent threat" you are allowed to shoot. If the situation does not fall under that umbrella, then no.

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    Who really knows, since most of these answers are biased and based on information issued by veted sites, where does the truth lie?

    Books are closer than movies to reality, try Helen MacInnes and John Le Carre. John Le Carre actually was in the secret service, thus his books are based on real experience.

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    MOVIES, fiction, ( breath slowly)

    A body guard has not police power and is just a citizen who may have a licece for a security officer ( think well paid mall secuity officer)

    If someone had a gun and was going to shoot someone, they ( like anyone ) can shoot them to protect someone elses life.

    But they may be arrested untill it is proved it was self defense.

    And they can not grab people who are just standing in the way, ( that would be assult also)

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