90% of companies dont advertise jobs - if you are new in a city, what are ways to create a social network?

With 90% of companies not advertising jobs and the best way is to network yourself... If you are new in a city, have credentials and work experience, what are the best ways to create your social network? Assume individual is late 20's.

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    Real life networking is not learned in a classroom. You have to get involved in things where you meet people, and remember the people you meet. Go to church, play golf, go to some of the nicer lounges in the area, join business groups, that kind of thing. Don't be conceited, ask don't ask about money. People with real money don't talk about it. Don't ask people what they do for a living, just listen and learn. Don't be shy, but don't be overly confident either. You'll catch on quickly then.

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    You can start with the local Chamber of Commerce. Also, check for professional assocations that are related to the kind of work you do.

    Here is a great article about networking.

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