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Are Asian girls gold diggers?

It seems that Asian girls will go where the coin is. Regardless of what the dude looks like or his age. Are they taught to go for the coin once in America???

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    Excuse me but your question is stereotypical. I am 32 years old. I moved out of my parents house at age 18. I lived by myself and moved into my own apartment at age 18. I worked at restaurants, retail and security to pay my way through college. I paid for my entire bachelor's degree and masters degree by myself. I live by myself and I have been paying my own apartment bills, utility bills, phone bills, gas, food, etc. by myself for the last 14 years. NOT ONCE have I ever freeloaded or borrowed money or asked my friends for one dime. I paid for my last 2 cars in FULL by myself without borrowing any money from anyone. I have NO DEBTS period.

    I am asian american, chinese-japanese decent and I have never had a man pay for me. In fact, I pay for my male friend's dinners.

    Do you still wanna hold that stereotype?

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    NO! Well...maybe some are, but a majority aint! Asian girls are like most girls, they go to where they feel special, loved, cared for and happy. If an asian girl aint going for you then maybe it means that you dont have something they want or like.

  • I am sure that just like any other group of people, there are some that are and some that aren't. What a ridiculous question. I don't think you can classify an entire race (and gender) because of a few people.

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    is that whats been happening? it depends i think.. regardless whether they're Asians or not..clue: Anna Nicole Smith

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    there might be some just like white,black,and spanish girls also

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