I'm Terrified of Children!?

I haven't had any children of my own, and it's been a long time since I've been around an infant. I've been asked to hold someone's newborn only to become fearful of dropping it or if it starts to cry I get nervous and don't know what to do. When I have my own children, will that change? Will becoming a mother change that fear of children? I want to have children, but when you have your own, it has to be different than being around someone else's child, right?


No, I definately do want to have children---there is no doubt, but do those mothering instincts kick in?

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    I don't have children. I thought I would be awful around them let alone infants. Mothering or fathering comes naturaly.

    You'll feel what every father or mother feels when holding their own....

    Pure LOVEEEEEE:-)

    Pure trust in yourself.


  • Rachel
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    You'll probably be fine....really small infants make everybody nervous. I'm 28, married almost a year, and I still don't want kids. My hubby, who is 36, I can sense would start a family - but only if I want to. He keeps telling me I'd be the perfect mom, but I was an only child and never got into the idea of having a family. I thought marriage was just about two people in love - and that's what I've got. Right now, that's enough for me!!

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    Yes your own baby is different and I would suggest taking pre natal classes before you child is born (when you get pregnant). As for the crying, you will get to know your own babies cries and what they mean. No new mother knows everything when they have their first baby. Look at how many dropkicks have babies?Your maternal instinct will kick in, I'm not saying it wont be without fear or nervousness at first, but you will be fine. Challenge yourself to hold someones baby, sit down if you need to to ease the fear of dropping it. Babies are not as fragile as they look.

    Do you drop everything else you hold that is 5-9 pounds heavy?

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    I'm sure it is different with your own versus someone else's...you'll probably not want to put your own baby down, or at least that's a reaction I've seen/heard from plenty of moms...

    Don't sweat it, when the time is right for you to reproduce, it'll all be fine...women do it all the time...

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  • i have little cousins most of which are babies and i think that when u become a parent or have experiences with one truely u will have a connection that will make you think "how could i have never wanted this " because a child is and should be the most precious thing in your life and u will adore it and then could pass on the experience on to someone else like u .

    Source(s): loving my little cousins and handling and babysitting
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    I would tell you something comforting like..."you'll be a good mom, don't worry" or my personal favorite, "once you've been around one kid...you've seen em' all!" As Oprah once said, "Doubt means Don't". Maybe you should deeply evaluate your reasons for wanting to have kids and then make that decision.

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    I think all that will change after you have your own baby.But to tell you the truth I'm also terrified of children, and I will never want children of my own.

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    that's normal, don't worry about it. When you have your own babies you'll get used to it.

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