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Do you hate when people diminish astrology without even giving it a real chance?

Sun-sign horroscopes found in newspapers aren't the real astrology. Those are fake. You should go to a site like and get your full interpretation before dismissing it. If you don't like it, just don't talk about it, and don't try to make others feel stupid for reading and relating to it.


Grundoon: I’ve seen this video before. In a high school psychology class. It’s a good trick to diminish astrology, by making people feel stupid for relating to it for once, so people who view this video will never give real astrology (full birth chart with accurate birth time) a real chance.

I have told others about astrology and they have mentioned this video. It’s a good way for narrow-minded people to write it off for life.

But I doubt that it is really a “detailed horroscope” as he states. The skeptic must have picked the most general uplifting personal characterists that all people would like to believe about themselves. I doubt he actually took a specific astrological placement from a real astrology chart. Notice he doesn’t include what he wrote, as he probably didn’t select a specific aspect interpretation, just one he thought applied to everyone.

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    People that debunk astrology have no wisdom concerning ancient things. It's a by-product of a society that is entreneched in capturing everything via a scientific formulation.

    The thing to keep in mind is that even science has failed itself with the advent of quantum physics, in that the provable has become the impossible at a sub-atomic level. Don't get me wrong - science is an important aspect of our culture, but it is by far not the be all/end all of wisdom and truth.

    As regards the infamous experiments undertaken by well-intentioned professors in which an ephemeris is given out to the class, and then in the end, it's revealed that the charts are all the same (or that they all belong to Adolf Hitler, no less) - I have only this correlation to add:

    I could hand out a chart of weather patterns for the year for everyones birth town and get virtually the same results. Particularly if I focused on sunny days. There may be a few offsets, but when you have it in your mind to prove a theory that's based on something that is not an exact science (and lets face it - weather is not any more than astrology is), you can manipulate the data to suit your own ends and never prove anything that approximates truth.


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    I agree with Y2J's girl. The blame shouldn't be put on the Superstars themselves. The blame should be on the Creative Team for shortening move-sets...and so much more. Watered down is a nice way to say it. WWE made them more of an entertainer than a Wrestler and people don't like that. I don't find any reason why anyone should hate Cena or Punk. If we all really think about this...they are underrated.

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    I personally think it's a whole bunch of bull crap. I think it's all a scam. I do occaisionally read my horoscope and laugh at it, but you shouldn't get really into it, becaus that stuff could define your life. If it tells you good oportunities will come then you see a bilboard for something and give up your whole life for that because it was "written in the stars" If you ask (which you did) me it's a big scam. But I'll go to your site anyways.

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    People diminish many concepts that I think are valid. Sometimes

    out of ignorance or fear.

    I have found astrology to be very accurate, when done with an accurate chart.

    It is the "non-believers" loss.

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    Closed minded people irk the hell out of me. Usually it is because of ignorance that people belittle topics. I believe astrology plays an even greater role in our lives than people believe it does. Alas our society only sees what they "See."

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    I dont like it AT ALL, and I take pride and extra effort in making those who believe or relate to it feel stupid.

    You are stupid. Really, really stupid. You suck. You will never amount to anything. You are a failure. You are not liked by anyone, and will never form meaningful relationships. Your life is hollow and bland, and deep down you know it.

    How's THAT for an interpretation...?

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    it is bunch of hog wash it don't mean any thing by the way does any body know my horoscope today I'm a Sagittarius

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    Astrology is BS. Period.

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    It doesn't bother me in the slightest--I don't believe in them.

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    I think this video explains it all rather clearly

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