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how do you message people?

i don't know how to

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    If you don't have Messenger, you need to download it here:

    If you do have Messenger and you want to instant-message somebody, sign into Yahoo Messenger, go to Actions, hit Send an Instant Message, select your friend's name from the list or, if it doesn't appear, click the Other Contacts tab and type the person's Yahoo ID, and click OK. A messenger window will open.

    If you want to instant-message somebody on Yahoo Answers, click on their name or avatar to see if they are allowing instant messages. If they are, click their screen name next to "Send IM." A messenger window will open.

    Once you have a messenger window up, type your message in the box and click Send.

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    Pretend to work dough.

    The tense, thicker muscle,

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    Try to do it as long as you, easing your work

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    download a instant messenger

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    You mean on email? You type in there email address.

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