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i want ladanian tomlinson.?

i want to get into fantasy football and win in a public league. i think that my first pick should be ld. how do i win at autopick? i was thinking about rb, 3 wide recievers, rb, te, def, qb, k. email me with word document to cmbgov2@. i will select best strategy. include your id so that you get all 12 points.

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    hi...thought I would try to do it this way.

    Probably the only way to guarantee you get LT is if you have the #1 or 2 picks. That's done randomly on an autopick draft.

    What I would do is this...

    - List the top 20 RB, using various lists (I would start with, and Brandon Funston's list. Compare and you should be able to get your RB you want

    - List the top 20 WR using the same format

    - List the top 10 QB's you want

    - List some RB's here that you want as your backups (around 5-10)

    - List some more WR's (probably another 20-30 here)

    - Finally, fill in your TE's, K's and DEF at the end.

    I've won a FF championship 3 of the last 4 years and this strategy has worked very well for me.

    Good luck to you!

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