who is in favor of the death penalty?

i am not

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    I am, but only in cases where there are plenty of eye witnesses, or dna evidence to prove guilt beyond doubt. I also think that it should be quick, one appeal, if it fails, you die. If these can not be met, then jail time will have to do.

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    Unless I was privy to the evidence that put the individual on death row, I cannot have an educated answer.

    However, some individuals are worthy of the penalty, for example:

    Son of Sam

    Charlie Manson (still in jail, very unfortunate)

    Andrea Yates

    Green River Killer

    Jack the Ripper

    "X" who has killed over 100 people in Russia

    The Boston Strangler

    I say if someone takes the life of anyone, much less 2 or more people, no medicine in the world can fix that, and if these people continue be in society, then we are only to blame for future lost innocent lives because we don't have the guts to say enough to endless and needless killing.

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    I am. I used to not be, but then there were some rather horrible murders that took place in my area. One was two guys who forced five roommates to have sex with each other, then the girls to have sex with each other, then took them to an ATM, robbed them, then put them in a row on a soccer field and shot them all in the head. Two were going into the ministry, two were engaged. One girl survived because the bulled was defected by a barrett.

    Another was a 19-year-old boy who got a 14-year-old girl pregnent. He had aready had reations with other underage girls, and has served time for petty theft. The girls mother found out and took out a restraining order, but that didn't stop anything. The 19-year-old said he'd kill her if she told anyone that hew as the father. He said he'd die if he had to go back to prison. She didn't tell anyone but the parents pressed charges anyway and they were waiting for the baby to be born so they could take a DNA sample.

    He, a 17-year-old friend, and a 49-year-old strangled her and buried her in a shallow grave. She wasn't found for a week. A friend of mine has a sister who works for the police department and perfrmed the autopsy on the girl. The pictures were horrifying.

    A friend of mine doesn't believe in the death penalty--she couldn't look this person in the eyes and put them down herself. I thought about it, and if given a gun, or a needle, or a chair, I could shoot them, I could niject them, I could fli[p the switch and feel no guilt about it.

    This does NOT mean that I am right. This is just how I feel. And personally, I believe that murderers should die the way that they killed their victim(s).

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    I am as long as the person is absolutely guilty.

    Look at it this way, if we caught Osama Bin Ladin, would you feel comfortable knowing he was serving life in prison, getting three meals a day and sleeping more comfortably than he was while he's in hiding?

    People say that murderers should serve a life sentence and be haunted by the memories of the murder(s) they committed. But some of them are so psychotic and insane that they won't be rehabilitated. Murderers make a choice to end another human's life and every breath they take after it is an insult to the victim's loved ones.

    About a month ago this guy murdered a family of 7 near where I live. It made national news. Of the seven victims, three of them were children (ages 5, 8 and 11). The guy turned himself in to the authorities. He's going to be held accountable for his actions whenever he dies, I just believe that he should leave this world sooner, rather than later.

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    I am in favour of the death penalty as I have come across cases where the guilty (a man raped a child and buried her head on the ground, she was only 3 years old,she died) roams free.They do not show remorse and worse still is that other children might have to suffer the same fate.

    I hate to say this but the death penalty is for the people who has committed heinous crimes on man, woman, children and animals.

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    Having worked for the Texas Dept of Criminal Justice for 3 years, spending 2 of those years babysitting death row inmates, I say that I'm in favor. Not because they deserve it, or it's cheap. But because it is a welcome end to a hellish life for an inmate. I've seen inmates sit on death row for 50 years, knowing the day they die. That's hell for them. Now I know yeah, they're rapists and murderers and scum of the earth. But they're people too. In Texas, the firing galley, the gallows, and the electric chair were all done away with because they were considered cruel and unusual punishment. But the way I see it, letting a man live his life in hell, knowing that he'll never get out is cruel and unusual punishment. So yeah, put 'em on the table, slide the needle in, and let 'em fall asleep.

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    I AM IN FAVOR OF THE DEATH PENALTY. look at the person you love the most, what if his or her life was snuffed out in a senseless murder? i have been on both sides of the issue....i had a family member murdered, and had a family member commit a murder. why should my tax dollars feed and house a scum bag? the death penalty is not a strong deterrent to crime however. murderers will tie up the system exhausting appeal after appeal....before you know it, they've been on death row 20 years....WASTING TAX DOLLARS. 'nuff said.

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    I don't think the death penalty is particularly Christian. Just another reason to believe President Bush is a hypocrite.

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    I am for the death penalty :D

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    i am, but it has to be used with the utmost regression.

    As you may know, as you are probably a smart individual, some crimes are so heinous that I believe a death is in order. No deaths for anything except mass murder.

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