Parents or siblings?

We all feel like we despise our family members at some point, and hopefully those moments are few.

For those of you with parent(s) and sibling(s), would you rather lose your mom, dad or your sister, brother if it came down to one decision in a hypothetical situation?


Alright, I know I don't ask conventional questions, because I really like discussing ethical and moral issues. The only questions I ever ask on this site deal mostly with ethics and values. So please don't think I'm an ****** or any less of me because of the questions I pose.

I've already thought about all these questions, and in the end, I'm just merely interested in how other people think.

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    1 decade ago
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    OUCH, that's tough.

    I mean, I've had hard times with all my family members at one time or another. At the moment, I'd say my brother, but that would leave his daughters with noone seeing as his wife passed away recently. But he's also being a real A** to everyone who's trying to help him out.

    Before that I would have said my mother seeing as she's an active alcoholic who didn't work for many years. Now she's back working again and really enjoying what she's doing.

    When I was a teen I would have said either my brother or my dad. My dad and I didn't see eye to eye on most subjects, but I've grown to not only appreciate him but to understand him a lot better.

    I don't know if I would WANT to loose any of them since we've recently been through a family tragedy and we're all still recovering to some degree, some more than others.

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    1 decade ago

    At my age parents are starting to seem closer to the inevitable...

    Not that I'm wanting anything to happen, it would just seem to be a more "natural/normal" progression of life than if one of my younger, healthy siblings would die suddenly.

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    That is horrible. I wouldn't even want to choose. I don't want to see any of them go. I'll say brother because I don't have one. Ha Ha!

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    That's a question that is impossible to answer. Personally, I would choose to die for my family. But that was not one of your options.

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  • omg.. well I know who I'd pick but like yeaa.. it's difficult..

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    ok well it would be so sad it that happened i rather it be me

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No! ! !

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