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who has heard of these infamous last words?

1. let it down slowly

2. rat poison only kills rats

3. ill get your toast out

4. its strong enough for the both of us

5. this doesnt taste right

6. i can make this light before it changes

7. nice doggie

8. i can do this with my eyes closed

9. ive done this before

10. well we've made it this far

11. thats odd

12. ok this is the last time

13. with those guns, those guys couldnt hit the side of a........

14. dont be so superstitious

15. now watch this

16. this planet has an atmosphere just like on earth

17. what duck?

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    I've used # 5 ,7,8,11,12,15,17 haha ya seriously i did use the duck 1

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    Fourscore and 7 years in the past a team of co-workers set foot in there homestead. They ate there dinner that grow to be cooked interior the kitchen. They rested on appreciation day and suggested boy, that grub grow to be yummy. whilst all of them rode a bus they ran over a toddler and brought about a super explosion. Which reminds me Paycheck the movie stunk.

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    Except for #16,these could be a rednecks last words, along with" Don't worry, we can beat that train"

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  • yeah what is the point? most of these people have seen these before... maybe you should find a nice joke instead of giving us lists we've all seen before because it gets pretty old check ya later ♠

  • I have one - Go away from the light the darkness is your friend

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    I like the duck one , funny!

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    I've heard most of them how many have you heard wait you must've heard all of them cause you put them on here I dumb lol hahaha

  • i haven't heard like 90% of them

  • 1 decade ago

    my all time favorite is:

    Hmm... I wonder what this big red button does?

  • 1 decade ago

    not your funiest work man

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