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my system has defoult sound devices, how can i rectify the problems?

or simply tell me the soft ware to buy and install new sound to my system. thanks

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    you need to buy another sound card if you want to upgrade your sound card....if your motherboard has built-in sound card then you have to disable it before using the new sound card otherwise there will be a conflict between the sound can disable the motherboards sound card by going to device can get there by right clicking on MY COMPUTER click on PROPERTIES ...go to HARDWARE tab and click on device manager....right click on the motherboards sound card and click on DISABLE.....attach the new sound cards driver and enjoy!......i would prefer you to go for creative's sound card...

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    Buy a sound card, Sound Blasters Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Fatal1ty FPS PCI Sound Card

    Install and then go into the BIOUS and Disable the motherboard sound.

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    Might be you are facing driver problems.... Try updating your sound drivers....

    Incomplete question seems.. plz re construct ur quest....

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