How important is an AACSB school when going for an MBA?

I plan on getting my MBA from a private university, University of La Verne. It is not AACSB accredited. How important is that?

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    Obviously, it's a plus. If you get a degree from a smaller school like La Verne, your degree will not have the national reputation that a bigger school might bring, but AACSB accreditation would have been able to overcome that barrier. I think the degree from La Verne will be ok, but probably won't carry as much value as you get further from home. In your area, the school is probably better known, and people will still respect your degree, but if you move to Georgia or New York, or even Arizona, probably people won't know the school and will want to know more about accreditations.

    Overall, the MBA will still be seen as a plus for you, but not as big a plus as if you'd gone to an AACSB accredited school, or even to a bigger name school.

    Source(s): I got my MBA 12 years ago, and I don't think anyone has yet asked me if it was AACSB accredited. Perhaps they already know or assume, but no one has asked.
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