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We are feeding 3.5 wk old orphaned pups. teething now. How do we stop vomiting? highly acidic?

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In trying to shorten my question, I must've given everyone the opinion that these puppies and/or myself don't already know the vet on a first name basis. Having a background in vet medicine, the usual options have been exhausted. Symethicone drops help to alleviate the gas and Poly-Visol pediatric vitamins are supplememnted once daily to a 50/50 goat milk water blend. The problem generally arises in the evening and we need to implement solids into the diet. Thanks for the advice. Having lost more animals under a vet's care rather than holistically, I try not to buy him that "extra" yacht.

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    If being fed properly, there should be no vomiting. One possibility would be parasites. Are all the pups vomiting? They should be able to eat pablum at this stage. Teething really has nothing to do with the vomiting. I would recommend them being checked by a veterinarian.

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    I agree,there should be no vomiting, it could be caused by them eating too fast their food if this happens right after they eat. However, they should be seen by a vet, there are many causes of vomiting. Be sure to bring in a stool sample to the vet that is no longer than 12 hours old, that way they can check for parasites.

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    take those pups to a vet! puppies get antibodies from their mothers milk which help protect them from disease.. if you are hand raising them they obiously arent getting the antibodies. they shouldn't be vomiting... go to your vet!

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