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When will the Dodgers play Cesar Izturis at shortstop, and why can't Furcal play third?

I don't know which is better or worse. A bad defender at a position he's not good at (third, Furcal). Or wasting a great defender at a less useful position (third, Izturis).

P.S. Furcal is playing SS now, while Izturis is at third.

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    Izturis is a free agent at the end of the year, the Dodgers have long term plans for Furcal...Also, the Dodgers have two guys in Las Vegas (AAA) they think highly of, but are not ready for a role as a MLB starter, Willy Aybar and Andy Laroche (Adam's brother)

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    Furcal is part of Dodger's long term plans Izturis is not. Furcal will hit for an above average batting average and Izturis will only be average. Furcal can learn to Field better but Izturis bat doesn't seem to improve. Don't get me wrong I like Izturis and am a 40+ year dodger Fan but Izturis is not dodger future and Furcal is.

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    When they realize that Izturis is a better shortstop than Furcal. Hopefully it will be some time soon even though Izturis is doing really well at third.

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    because furcal doesnt want to and hes a dick


    well izturis was stuck there because furcal didnt want to move


    go dodgers

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