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who else has seen potc2? isn't awesome!!!!!!!?

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    I saw it yesterday (opening night). It was awsome! Orlando and Jonnhy were as hot as ever, and I loved the twist at the end. I cant wait untill the 3rd one comes out, I think it comes out sometime in 2007, not sure though.

    Steven, I was just readin other replies to this post, so I decided to reply to what you said. Jack is dead, yeah, but didn't you pay attention to the ending? Their going to find Jack, at the edge of the world. Borbosa was supposed to be dead as well, but he's not now is he?

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    i got sad about what happened to jack, wish he would have escaped, don't know how big of a movie part 3 will be without him as a main character. they should have let him escape somehow and have him go on another adventure to something like a lost kingdom of gold or some magical artifact. sigh.

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