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what do you focus on when listening to music?

when you listen to music, what's grabs your attention the most? the singer, the band, the drums, lyrics, funky basslines, rhythm, melody.... what is it for you?

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    All of the instrumentation. Top of the list is the guitar playing for me. Being a drummer, of the course the rhythm section is important.

    I pay the smallest amount of attention to the singing. It's important that I like the over all tone of the singing, but as for the actual lyrics, even the songs that I've enjoyed for years, I don't know all the words to.

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    It's like a great pizza!

    Sure the dough is important - and let's not forget a good sauce... and what's pizza without the cheese!? throw on some great toppings and you got a great pie!

    individually those things just don't make up a pizza. Put the components of a great band (or song) together and it's mystifying!

    Now - good music along with a pizza analogy - does it get any better!?

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    That depends on my mood...

    If I'm out drinking with friends, it's usually cowboys in tight jeans singing about God, my country, my dog, my mama, my truck or my man. If I can't sing it, it ain't the right

    If it's Toby Keith, well, all he needs to do is just stand there and grin, and he will have my full attention. The same goes for Jon Bon Jovi. This man makes me whimper and drool and do crazy

    If I'm angry, a few minutes of Hip-Hop usually gets my blood boiling in a better direction.

    If I'm feeling mellow, the cool keyboard of Chick Corea or John Tesh hits the spot. So does the voice of Marvin Gaye, Etta James, or Billie Holiday.

    A sassy jazz saxophone will get me "in the mood". So does Barry White's

    Any Reggae beat will get me smilin', movin' and groovin'.

    Military cadences help me exercise.

    Marching bands amaze me, make me smile, and tap my toes.

    Classic Rock...does all of the above.

    Yep, I'm weird...but I'm diverse! LOL

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    with the music that i listen to...

    the loud piercing voice the lead singer has, then,next in line, i hear the guitar solos usually get the attention, then, if i listen closely, the drum path/rhythm, or whatever....

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    I've always tended to focus on the rhythm, so the drums, strumming patterns, bass hooks, things like that. I guess that's why I'm a drummer.

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    for me it's~

    1st: singer

    2nd: lyrics

    3rd: melody

    4th: drums & rythm

    5th: bassline

    6th: the band as a whole

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    I'm not sure...rhythm, I think...something that rocks grabs me...listening to Aerosmith's Sweet Emotion right now.

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    I tend to focus on the bass part and the lyrics. If there are good harmonies, I notice that, too.

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    The singer's voice is what gets my attention first, sometimes the beat gets me too!

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    The singer, guitar, and lyrics. Mostly lyrics!

    Have a nice day! :)

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