what is our POP address to use Outlook as main main account?

I am trying to set up Outlook Express as my main mail account and outgoing address and POP address does not seem to be correct. Need help setting it up

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    The main account you are using should support POP protocol. If you are not sure then you need to contact your mail hosting people. They will be able to provide you all the details.

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    First off as a Yahoo free account you would not have the pop feature enabled. Therefore I am assuming that you atleast have a Yahoo Plus account.

    1. Click the "Options" link at the top right of your Mail page to open Options.

    2. Click the "Options" link at the top right of your Mail page

    3. In the "Management" column, click the first link – "Mail Addresses".

    On the page that opens, click the "Add" button.

    4. In the upper-right corner of the page, click the "Configure Account

    Manually" link.

    5. Enter an account name. For example, "Work", "School", etc.

    6. Enter your mail server name (only POP mail servers are supported at this


    7. Enter the user name and password for that account. Please note: The

    user name is different than the full email address. Typically it is the text

    before the "@" symbol in your email address. Your password is whatever

    you use to access that email account – not necessarily your Yahoo!


    8. Select an indicator color to mark messages received from this account.

    9. In "Deliver To:", choose a folder to route incoming messages from this


    10. In "Options", check (or don't check) the boxes next to the following:

    * Override default POP port - If you know your POP server uses a port

    other than 110, enter the port number here. Note: For assistance

    tracking down this information, contact your Internet Service Provider or

    network administrator.

    * Leave mail on POP server - Specify whether messages retrieved to your

    Yahoo! account will also remain in your external mail account, or

    whether you want them deleted from your external mail server.

    * Retrieve new messages only - Specify whether Yahoo! Mail retrieves

    only the new messages in your external mail account, or all messages.

    * Use filters - Checking this box applies Yahoo! Mail's filters to incoming

    external mail.

    11. Click the "Add Account" button. Your account is now added.

    Currently, you can't configure Yahoo! Mail to retrieve messages from web-based email accounts like RocketMail or another Yahoo! Mail account that has been set up for POP access.

    Source(s): Yahoo Help for manual configuration
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    you have to ask you internet provider what their In and out addresses are. They should help you get it going.

    If you are on your puter now but using a different browser / email, all you have to do is change Outlook to be your default and the settings will take care of themselves.

    I don't use Outlook so I'm not sure where to make this change. Most likely in Tools / Options. ?

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    You should get the pop address from your ISP or email provider. It's typically of the form POP.isp.tld or mail.isp.tld or pop3.isp.tld

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  • 4 years ago

    Having experienced the same challenge on Yahoo!mail, i became reported to augment to Yahoo Mail Plus with the purpose to practice abode homestead windows Mail on Vista. Having parted with my money i became although unable to provide digital mail, yet did frequently circumstances receive them. Having trawled different information superhighway content to purpose and fasten the precedence, without fulfillment, I chatted with Yahoo. They now tell me the the 'challenge' is wide spread and their engineers are engaged on it!!!!. ie Yahoo by using utilising shopper depending is damaged.

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    it's generally pop.yourISP.com, but only your provider can tell you exact name. Call tech support

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    Please edit your question and specify who's your email provider so we can help you.

    For example:

    Yahoo, Hotmail...

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