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I have hopefully a quick question about loans. I am a college student whose parents do not help with rent, food, car, tuition, none of that and I am one semester away from graduating. All I need is like $6000. I work part time and starting in the end of August I will hopefully still be working part time and student teaching. In December I will be done with school and looking for a teaching job. I guess my question is, what are my chances of getting a loan through a bank or where should I go to get a loan and what do I need? I really don't know, so any help would be wonderful. Thank you for your time,

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    You did not state what the money would be for. No one can tell you where to get a loan from...because they don't know what kind of loan it would be.

    However...perhaps a (another) student loan under the premise of continuing your is always one of the lowest interest rates you can borrow at.

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    Given the circumstances with being in school, still receiving parental support, and only working part time ... you may have difficulty getting a loan from a bank (unless you have a car title, savings account, or co-signer). You could probably get one from consumer finance company ... but beware of high interest rates and origination charges.

    Your best option might be a student loan. If I were you, I would check with your school;s financial aid office and see if they have any good student loan options. Rates and repayment terms will be much more favorable.

    Another (probably really bad) option is applying for a credit card. Many card issuers will accept applications from students who are in their final year of a degree program. This is a slippery, slope, though ... and should only be considered as a last resort.

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    Lots of info here.

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