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Olympus-E500 or Canon Rebel XT (350D)?

I am torn between the Olympus E-500 and the Canon 350D.

Olympus comes with 2 lenses, great reviews on the Internet, the ultrasonic sensor cleaner, excellent kit lenses, but no image stabilization.

Canon's reputation is legendary, excellent reviews for the 350D, no sensor cleaner, the kit lens seems to be a waste. An image stabilized zoom lens costs $400 minimum.

So, what's it going to be? Anyone has any opinions?

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    Personally, I would stay away from mechanically attached sensors for any reason. The anti-dust and image stabilization features of some of these cameras are a marketing tool to direct the unknowing consumer to the fact that these companies lost the MegaPixel wars. So they have taken a tried and true design and changed it to a bad one. Any mechanical device is prone to failure. The faster it moves the more it wears. More it is used the more it wears out. The shutter mechanisms in dSLR's have been around for 50+ years and have a proven design and are reliable because of all the improvements done over time. Still these eventually wear out and have a finite life expectancy. The Canon 5D has a 100,000 actuation life expectancy. I have yet to see a life expectancy spec'ed on any of these new sensor mounting schemes.

    Yes, Image stabilization in the lens as done by Canon and Nikon adds to the expense of a lens, but if the lens stabilizer goes bad you still can use the lens without the stabilizer or put on a different lens. If the internal stabilizer goes bad, no more camera, Big expense for repair, End of photo shoot.

    I still believe in the old axiom: K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Stupid).

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    I would certainly go for canon as i've just upgraded my current 350D to 30D, 350D (Rebel XT) is a superb camera in terms of value for money and the picture quality. There are times when a flash is not a need, a setting of higher ISO would be great as the noise level is very tolerable.

    Unlike others, higher ISO means more noise(grain), that's certainly a plus point for 350D compared to E-500.

    In addition think of other accessories, Canon has more accessories and the flexbility of third part brands unlike E-500.

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    I personally have the Rebel XT and its a fantastic camera. I per fer canon over Olympus because of picture quality, camera options and ease of use. Also, The is a huge amount of canon and after market lenses that you can purchase at great prices. Lenses made by Quantaray, sigma, tamaron etc. I find the Olympus colour scheme to be on the green side. Were Canon is on the blue side of the scale. Your next option would be Nikon which is comparable to canon with also a huge amount of lenses.

    Any questions email me at axcphotography@yahoo.ca


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    Wait 2 more weeks.....

    Pentax's New K100D Body has image stabilization so any lens you put on it will be "anti-shake"

    with metal mount kit lens (unlike canon xt and nikon d50) $699

    Olympus is an excellent choice too

    Source(s): PentaxUSA.com DPReview.com
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    You can also look for Nikon D50 or D70.

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