What are the main factors, affecting credit decision-making process?

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    miss a payment and it's a negative make the payment and its a positive, that's the basic standard for your credit.

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    If you mean how much credit you can get and how much it'll cost you, the other answers are correct.

    If you mean, how do I know if I should purchase something on credit, the questions you should ask yourself are: can I buy it without going into debt (which is what credit is), is it worth going into debt over, what would you do with the money that you were going to use to pay for the thing - invest? buy something else? And are those good things to do instead of paying off the thing in the first place.

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    A loan desicion is made by underwriting. Underwriting looks at your past payment history( repayment history), your job stability, your past and current income ( ability to repay), and if you have past credit problems they may ask for a letter of explanation. The letter is to show a willingness to identify what went wrong before and how you have planned to avoid the problem from affecting loan repayment in the future.

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    your credit score: amount of things on your credit report, and what your balance is on past credit, weather or not it has been paid on time or not. how long you have had a credit histary and your finatual situation.

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    pop into your bank, and they will let you know, they will then tell you the organisation that is holding your record, if I am not mistaken, there is a charge of £2.50 for you in order to obtain your credit score information (or making a correction), (information base on Barclays Bank)

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    when people look at a credit report, they see if you have basically paid bills on time.

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    credit score

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    I suggest you will get better responses if you state whether you mean individuals deciding to use credit, or businesses who are deciding whether to accept a credit customer. Thanks.

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