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Its difficult to tell?

I feel so sad for my daughter because she really loved her boyfriend and that my husband (her setp dad) was not happy with her decision to move in with him. Now they are going their separate ways my husband is only giving her one month to stay with us and she has not a day longer. I dont know if she could find anything at all within the one month since she is also being very depressed right now...I hate that I have to be torn between them and that I dont want to lose my daughter too. I am the only one she has in this country and to see her leave and not know what will happen to her will really break my heart...I dont know why guys can be so tough and not feel the same as women do...My present husband has given some excuses why he cheated on me by saying that he has been unhappy because I am so supportive of my daughters and my daughters do not like him at all

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    Honey those excuses don't fly with me that you are the cause of his cheating ways. Tell him you aren't buying into that and that she is your daughter and not to make you choose because he will lose in the end. Family will always be there for you but sometimes a husband or wife will leave without a noitce, so don't allow him to rule you like that.

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    One thing that you have to remember is that your daughter comes first and no man not even a biological father can (or should) come between that. Your daughter is an adult yes but children are always that. Our children. Mothers have to be supportive period. Tell your husband that he has to make a decision either she stays for enough timethat you are satified that she will be ok or you and your daughter will be gone in a month. I tell my daughter and my husband that it will always be her first and then him. Not that I do not love my husband but I am a mother first. If your daughter cannot depend on you for support she doesnt have anyone give her that support. Good luck.

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    there's nothing wrong in being supportive for your daughter. tell your husband (the step dad) what you feel is best for YOUR daughter right now.. ask him to extend your daughter's stay with you for a couple of months. tell your daughter that she can only stay for the period you have agreed with your present husband...

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