sexual immorality?

Through sin disease has entered the world. When are we going to wake up and stop with the sexualy promiscuity and turn from fornication. Sexual promiscuity includes premarital sex, sex with numerous people, homosexual sex, swinging and etc.

Through these sins numerous STDs have popped up, yet we have not ceased from our sinful way. I know I will catch a lot of flack for my comments, however I do this irregardless of the attacks from the enemy. The most deadly of diseases aids have been around for so long, yet we are still the same today if not worse than before aids. What are we waiting for something that will kill us in two days of contracting it?

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    here i stand trying to piss

    thinking of the girl

    who gave me this

    and if shes around

    when i get well

    ill catch it again

    sure as hell


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Those are all free-will adult decisions. And while some of them aren't the best choices (i.e. numerous partners and swinging)

    the rest are GOOD for people.

    Yes, good.

    Homosexuals were born that way. STOP oppressing them.

    Premarital sex? More people are getting divorced than ever. That's because in the past we FORCED marriage and condemned sex. Unfortunately people are still thinking marriage is a way of "keeping" someone. We're still living out the perceptions of our parents and grandparents. But that's changing.

    Please by all means, if you're with someone you are really digging, have premarital sex. Get to know each other very deeply and very intimately, body and mind and spirit. Maybe you fall in love and maybe you stay in love. Then get married.

    Otherwise, if you're out there dating and want nothing serious right now, have sex from time to time. Use protection, use birth control and take responsibility for what you do (i.e. don't drink and sc***, don't have welfare babies etc.)

    If anything is going to damn the world it's one more godd*** person experiencing guilt for being alive, for enjoying life and feeling frickin' good.

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  • ZCT
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    1 decade ago

    I'm sorry to see that your being raised as a religious freak has given you such a warped outlook on sex. Sex is an enjoyable act between two people, often who love one another. Your ridiculous religion imposed views on sex will ultimately lead to your unhappiness.

    Sex is an important part of a marriage, yet you are going to enter into a legal agreement and a life long contract with God to marry someone you have never slept with. What if he is horrible in bed, what if he is too large or two small, sexually inept or incapable? You have already promised to be with him forever. So you will never experience good sex.

    But you won't listen to me, you already know it all. All the answers you need have been spoon fed to you since birth. Maybe one day when you are in a loveless sexless marriage with someone that it turns out you hate living with, you'll realize the stupidity of your way of thinking.

  • Newt
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    1 decade ago

    Sounds as if you believe that sex is only for making babies. If that was the case, it would not be enjoyable and humans would not be 'active' year round. In fact, in today's world, people don't even have to do it to have babies. Maybe you think that sex should be done with for good?

    True a lot of these STD's are from sex, but they can be transmitted by other means too. I'm not condoning the sexual desires of those few, but I do have a problem with your opening "Through sin..." Maybe your sin?

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  • 1 decade ago

    Vertical732 is right.

    STDs predate religion.

    Religion won't stop the spread of STDs, AIDS, or any other disease. Perhaps, religion was used as a way of controlling the masses to make sure they adhered to a certain code of ethics. This way those in charge could limit the spread of STDs and have a little harim set aside for them that were 'unused'.

    Syphillis was the number one killer of Romans way before the time of Christ. Guess it makes logical sense to try to enforce no sex. But, who follows that?

    Many Christians don't even adhere to their own standard. And, if they can't who will. Be a good example...don't judge - educate.

  • 1 decade ago

    I think the prudish religious far right should take some responsibility for the spread of STD. Maybe you'll think about it the next time a school wants to teach sex education in order to educate kids of the STDs and AIDS that are very prevelant. But no you'd prefer to preach abstinence (which obviously doesn't work). Wake up and face reality and let's teach our children what they need to know, not bury our heads in the sand and 'pray' it just goes away.

  • 1 decade ago

    why dont you do something? talking does nothing. actions speak louder than words...

    and that does not convince me at all... premarital sex, bad? how?! what if you get married and hate the sex with the person? what then? ok you have to like the person too but the sexual life has to be good too!

  • 1 decade ago

    You my friend are totally insane!

    First off, STD's pre-date your religion. Secondly, for you to cite your religion as a reason for your bigotry towards homosexuals, is both cowardly and pathetic. If you hate gay people at least have the balls to say that you hate them because you are a bigot. Third you aren't even smart enough to understand your own religios text, or not smart enough to actually find an accurate translation. The Leviticus verse you scum of the earth neo-fasist christians use to condem homosexuality only condems ritual gay sex in a womans bed. While we are on the topic of Leviticus, wearing a cotton-poly blend T-Shirt is a death penalty sin to be exscised by stoning. If you cut your hair on your temples (as a man, or at all as a woman) is also a death by stoning sin.

    Keep your off base psychotic neo-christian beliefs to yourself, and if your going to be a bigot, grow some nuts. As evil as neo-nazi skinheads are, at least they have the balls to wear their hatred on their sleves.

  • steven
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    1 decade ago

    Well sexual immorality is not the real problem, it is a by product of an even greater sin. Which is turnning our back to god, and choosing to go your own way. In the bible when god destroyed sodom and golia it was because of them turnning thier backs to god and not choosing to follow him. Not so much because of what they did but because they choose not to do what god wanted them to do.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Of course you're going to make people mad, telling the truth often does, but I agree with what you've stated.

    Good question/statements, keep the faith!

    God bless you!

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