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What are the laws of addition,subtraction of integers?

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    Associative Law of Addition:

    a + (b+c) = (a+b) + c

    Commutative Law of Addition:

    a + b = b + a

    Additive Inverse:

    a + (-a) = 0

    Zero Property:

    a + 0 = a

    Subtraction is basically the same thing as addition.

    a - b = a + (-b)

    Instead of subtracting b, you add its additive inverse.

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    example 10, if you add a negative number to 10 then you're just subtracting from it. 10+-2=8 If you take a negative number like -10 and add a negative number you're adding to the ammount that isn't there, -10+-4=-14. But when you add a positive to a negative you're just getting rid of the negative number. -10+20=+10. Get it?

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    You do this operation after a couple of others:

    First do whatever you find in parentheses

    Then do any multiplication/division, followed by addition/subtraction.

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    If you add one, then you include it with others. If you subtract one, then you take it away.

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