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how can we make world peace?

why is the world so corrupt? some say war is the right thing to do and some say it is not. Our country is united and we have to figure something out!

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    good question - what makes war? -

    it is not human nature - because war has grown from sticks and stones to ww3 pending - over that time period, human nature hasnt become more warlike - if it was just human nature, we'd still be at sticks and stones

    it is not religion - people look at places where there is fighting and there is also religion, and they conclude religion causes the wars - but what else was there too? - it could have been something else - go where there are religious differences and no economic differences, no injustice in wealth, you will find no war - where religious difference coincides with economic differences, you get war - it is the economic differences, the injustice, the slavery, the unfairness, the theft of earnings, that causes the war - same with racial - separate race differences and economic differences, you will find no war where there is no economic difference

    south africa - blacks paid a 10th as much as whites - middle east - absolute poverty for 10-20% and super oil wealth - northern ireland: catholics poor, kept out of power, as they had been throughout ireland for centuries before independence

    we have super hyper extreme injustice in pay - pay from a million times average pay to a 1000th average pay - pay from $1 billion a fortnight to $1 a fortnight - if no one was overpaid [ie, paid others' earnings] everyone IN THE WORLD including housewives would be being paid US$15 AN HOUR - FAMILY WORKING AVERAGE HARD us$75,000 A YEAR

    1% get 90% of world income - they certainly dont do 90% of the work - there is super overpay and super underpay - concentration of wealth in the hands of the few - exactly what the founding fathers tried to avoid by limiting fortunes - they knew that tyranny follows superwealth - they limited fortunes - work is limited, pay should be too - money is power and power corrupts - yet we have very foolishly allowed unlimited fortunes, unlimited legal theft, unlimited power

    and money has sucked and sucks money from poor to rich, from underpaid to overpaid

    and we approve - and quite fail to disapprove - although the founding fathers said, and your own common sense says, that giving a few most power and money is fatal to peace democracy safety freedom everything good

    why hae we allowed and even approve of unlimited wealth? - a persons' contribution to the social pool of wealth is limited - a person works 125,000 hours in a lifetime max - bill gates has been paid 500,000 an HOUR for every hour he has worked

    and yet, if you gave him and a 100 people the same tools materials and knowledge to do all the jobs in the world, everyone can see that bill gates could not produce much more than anyone else working reasonably hard - and yet we think he MADE money - he raked money - it didnt come out of air, it came out of pockets -

    people dont realise that there are wideopen legal ways money moves from earners [makers, by work] to non-earners [rakers] - eg, with bill gates, because it is new technology, demand is huge and initial supply small, and that means high prices can be got - ie, prices are much higher than costs of making the pc's - it is likely that the cost of pc's is as little as 10th of the price -

    to get peace all you have to do is show people that the injustice system we are practicing causes war which escalates unavoidably to extinction, nuclear war, unless you get justice, equal pay for equal work, equality, liberty for all

    everyone just takes all they get - no one says: how much do i deserve, how much wealth have i made by my work - everyone just dives into the pool of wealth [made by work] and grabs all they can - not their fairshare but anybody's share - they think it is in their interests, but it is causing all the violence, and the escalation of war to extinction soon - selfearned money is good - but other-earned money comes with an angry person attached - and we put no limitation on grabbing all we can grab -

    no oone is understanding that justice is ESSENTIAL, INDISPENSABLE for happiness peace and a good life

    99% of people will be better paid with justice, but they still wont listen - everyone will be paid US$15 an hour INCLUDING HOUSEWIVES AND STUDENTS if we had justice - but people cannot hear anything but get rich, get rich - work creates enough for every family IN THE WORLD to have US$75,000 a year for working average hard, and people wont stop a minute and listen to the good news

    equality means everyone giving the same amount of htemselves to work deserves equal pay - equality means no discrimination on illegitimate grounds, like sex, race, religion, etc - america is supposed to be built on equality - and we have the most hyper extreme inequality - and we dont know it causes all the problems

    love of money is the root of all evil - it is not love of money that is the root of all evil it is love of freebie money, money without earning it, other-earned money that is the root of all problems - most problems will disappear with pay justice - but it is so hard getting people to hear their own common sense: you cant have super overpay and super underpay - why have them? what is the good of it? there is no good in it, every evil in it

    work is spread, money and power should be too - superplenty for all, and peace and most troubles gone

    but we have the total opposite - extreme increasing theft, causing extreme increasing violence, leading rapidly to extinction

    how stupid

    the answer is so simple - and everyone already knows it - because everyone knows what would happen if a govt took 90% of income permanently off 90% of people, and what would happen if the govt stopped doing that - and yet we dont udnerstand - and we dont do it

    we stand on the brink of extinction and on the brink of far greater happiness - we have extreme injustice, so we can be extremely happier - and we do nothing - no one sees injustice is causing the violence

    yet it is common sense - money is all needs and millions of wants - steal money and you steal everything from people - so theft equals violence - wehave the most extreme theft although 99% would be better paid with justice! - dont people want to be better paid? - dont they want no war? - dont they get happy when a war is over?

    when it comes to money, we are completely crazy, no sense at all

    we have super hyper extreme injustice so we can be super hyper extremely happier -

    great news! just limit fortunes to selfearned, like the founding fathers of america did, to prevent tyranny, to strive for freedom democracy and peace

    the further that overpay comes down, the further that underpay comes up, and the less violence you have - violence is bad, yes? -

    injustice and violence have been increasing for 1000s of years - wake up! - commit justice - get happiness - listen to your common sense

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    Each and every one of us has the capacity to establish some peace and harmony. And most of us partcipate in striving to create a harmonious environment for ourselves and those around us. It appears that most anyone attempts to resolve a fight between two children. We have the capability to resolve indifferences . As individuals striving toward world peace, we begin by, doing little things to establish it in our homes, reaching out to our , neighborhoods, cities and states.If everyone were willing to participate in establishing peace within their own environments it could become a unified idea. However,even if world peace never becomes a reality,don't give up on attempting to acquire it. Anything that you, personally, do to establish peace will not only be a benefit to the life of someone it will evoke that individual to strive toward attaining it.

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    This reminds my of a speech Haile Selassie made to the UN in 1968. (Which was later made into the song "war" by Bob marley):

    That until the philosophy which holds one race superior and another inferior is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned;

    That until there are no longer first-class and second class citizens of any nation;

    That until the color of a man's skin is of no more significance than the color of his eyes;

    That until the basic human rights are equally guaranteed to all without regard to race;

    That until that day, the dream of lasting peace and world citizenship and the rule of international morality will remain but a fleeting illusion, to be pursued but never attained.

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    Unfortunately human nature being what it is and with free will and all, it looks like we will never be able to make world peace. Well not short of removing all life from the world

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    Stop War and teach those who want war, how to love human life and respect others! No LOVE in this world! Let PEACE talk! Don't just tell Peace be with you in the church, practice it in life, everywhere! Peace be with everyone!

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    World Peace will never be achieved, nuclear war will be the precursor to the longest world peace the world has seen.

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    HAHAHAHAH! Lady no offense but The Human Race has screwed itself so far into the gound we've already dug our graves. I'm all for world-peace but witht he big fat heads that we've got running our country noe that's NEVER EVER EVER going to happen!



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    Outlaw religion. It's the cause of 75% of the world's problems

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    Peace is just the world catching its' breath before jumping back in the ring. If you want more peace, punch harder.

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    Feed everyone a big turkey dinner every day. After a big meal, who has enough energy to fight? How many fights happen on Thanksgiving? Noone fights on a full stomach.

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    starting over fresh. The world is too far gone. If we take away the facist world leaders, most likely their followers will fight harder. Just look @ the saddam situation.

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