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Help Writers Block?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Alright, I’m not a pro and I'm not going to publish any of my work or anything, but I like writing so I’ll ask this any way. I'm writing a story, it sort of a spin-off on Lost, but not as dramatic.

7 ppl survive a plane crash and end up on a deserted island. It’s their 2ed night on the island and they r getting acquainted. I'm stuck on one of the character's stories. He’s a 6 year old boy and both of his parents were killed in the crash. What I’m stuck on is why he was on the plane in the first place.

If you need me to send you and excerpt to get a better idea of what I’m writing just contact me via email

Thanks all and God Bless!


the plane was headded to Tahiti. 4real, if any one wants an exerp or wants to read what i have so far and make suggestions i'm open for it. Just e-mail me and ask 4 it. PS: please put the subject as STORY so i know that ur asking for a copy (don't want to confuse u for spam!!!)

Update 2:

Oh, by the way, I'm also writing a futuristic sort of a scifi short story, if u want to read that one or give me some advice (i've never written scifi before) email me and make the subject STORY 2

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    well, i'm glad i'm not the only one to ever hit a wall, lol. the good news is, you can get over it. (or under it, or around it... no matter how, the wall goes away at some point... you just have to find a direction that works for you!)

    what you might want to do is go back over your other story lines (other characters) and review what you've done with them. or possibly skip the boy and work on one of the others for the time being, if that's an option (as in, if the boy isn't the last story).

    stop concentrating so hard on the boy for right now if at all possible. if you "sit back and relax" then your mind will keep working on it...and without the pressure of the intense focus/uprising panic. when his story is 'ready' then you'll feel it.

    you might also want so see where he could tie in to anyone else's storyline - possibly in some obscure way. is there a pediatritian or child therapist on board that he can relate (talk) to? does he resemble the child/grandchild of anyone else who survived? or maybe he had just been adopted by the parents who are dead... and now there'll have to be a search to find blood relatives? (that would even work if he weren't "just" adopted but had been adopted some time back ... and an added twist might be that his blood relative is there on the island with him??)

    there's a slew of possibilities here. just sit back, relax, and let your mind play with it, kind of like a kitten with a string. you'll be amazed what happens when you least expect it.

    but the biggest thing -- don't stress so much. it's there. you'll find it.

    good luck!

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    The best way to overcome writer's block is just to write whatever pops into your head on a piece of scratch paper. After a while good ideas will emerge.

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    The child was on the plane b/c he was heading to camp..the crash although happened a while ago..the child is still afraid of flying...they were given medication to calm their nerves and was travelling alone under the guidance of the flght crew...

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    I bet the six year old was on his way to get treatment for a rare disease that he has. Maybe he lived with his parents in another country and they were flying to Johns Hopkins or the Mayo Clinic to receive treatment for their son's disease. Without the treatment, he would die, except the Island somehow has stopped or slowed down his disease. I can't wait to see your finished book.

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    The boy and his parents were going to see his grandparents because one of them was very sick and in danger of dying, Hope that helps, I get writer's block all the time!

  • Was the plane headed ot Bahrain?

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    you holding too much in your mind....that creates writer's block...Over exited, or exhausted...clean your mind completely..everything out, worries concerns...don't be afraid to lose something, you won't.People who asking me for help and assistance, regarding of writer's block, enjoying liberation next 20 minutes of session (I am a hypnotherapist), then they are able to be inspired and write right away in the middle of noisy crowd literally.

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    i like john7 idea...a family member somewhere that the boy can hook up with for a nice sappy ending. whatever you do, don't kill the kid off...leaves bad taste in readers mouth (ie. Steven King's Cujo...boy dies in book (sorry..spoiler!!)...lives in movie)

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    simple he was going to visit his sister in where ever she lives that way he still has someone to worry about him and the possibility of a happen ending.

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  • How about his parents were actually his adopted parents.. and they were taking him to meet his real parents?

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