my bfs ex (who used 2 b my friend) is causin problems?

my bfs ex keeps tryin 2 break us up and is callin him and sayin stuff like i love u and i want u 2 cheat on angie and get back with me and i know he hates her and would never do it but it still makes me angry that shes even sayin it and bothering my bf cause i wanna just tell her that hes my bf and he doesn't want nething 2 do with u nemore but everytime i used 2 try and talk 2 her about it she'd just start lies about stuff that my bf DIDN'T say HELP!!!!!!!!


i think joe-bob is confused cause he said he wants u back so just 2 clarify everything i'm with my bf brett and his ex jessie who i was friends with (thats how i met brett he went out with jessie and they broke up like 6 months ago and i met him like 2 months ago and we started goin out) and now jessie said she can't b friends with me since all i care about is him and not my friends (which is completely not true) and then she keeps calling him and saying she loves him and stuff and he hates her and never wants 2 b back with her ever again

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    1 decade ago
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    If I was you I would go to that girl and tell her that is my man not yours so u need to get back on you level Im just that type of person thats your man not hers so she needs to know that.

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  • 1 decade ago

    He's feeding on the drama and the attention. He really shouldn't be taking her calls! But one can't cause problems where there are none.

  • 1 decade ago

    he wants you back

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