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How do I open an encrypted file that I downloaded from Emule ?

I just downloaded an mp3 file thats in a .rar format and I tried opening it and it said encrypted file please enter password is there a way to open that mp3 in someway? Anybody know? please help- thank you.

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    I would delete the file, there is NO reason to encrypt it, so it will be a virus or Trojan, anti-virus programs have problems with encrypted files.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You really need the password.

    -Look at the fiename, does it have some sitename include. try that as password.

    -Download the file again and look at the commetns of the file. sometimes the password is in there. Also look ath the filenames other users gave that file. Try all words/sites that are in the filename s. Capital matter!

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