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Fabric, decorating ideas for yoga home gym, garage conversion?

Hi! I'm converting my super ugly garage into a home gym. I found these mats (getting the ones without the border).

I have shelves that I'd like to cover w/ fabric or something. I want something somewhat Japanese or asian, or something generally calming, but that brings in other colors. I'm considering bamboo blinds, but I can't find any that are 84" long yet (super long shelves). Any ideas?? I also need pain color ideas.

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    I would paint the walls either a shade of green (sage or celadon) or a shade of gold. Get swatches from your local paint store and compare them in the room. See what goes best with the mats. I suspect your room will be on the dark side as far as lighting goes if it is going to be a room for yoga. You do not need to overfill the room. It will be a place for relaxation, stretching and maybe some meditation. I would have a cd player (like Bose) mounted on the wall in a design friendly area. You definitely want a couple of floor pillows ( red in color). You can put fabric over a footstool to use as a candle holder. You can also place a large tray on the floor by your pillows to place things on such as water pitcher, more candles, etc. I don't know the shape of your room, but you must have a tree (bonsai) and some lucky bamboo. An inexpensive fountain would be nice also. I would install some wall sconces that holds candles on each wall. I am sure you have ceiling lighting already in the garage. I would cover it with an Asian inspired fixture. I would not have any furniture in the room aside from a table or bench. You need the space for exercise. You can use the large floor pillows for seating and they can be placed in opposite corners of the room.

    Good luck with your room.

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    Inspirational Posters would certainly be an asset to a gym.

    I found a link for Bamboo Blinds that can be purchased with a length of 84" long.

    Hope this helps.

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