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I shut my Puppy leg in the door and now he won't put it down , He whined until I picked him what should I do

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    you should calm down......then do a first aid scan of his leg. softly run your hands up and down his leg gently pressing on the bone, look for a reaction from your dog, feel for any abnormalities.

    If you find something...then take him to a vet. ........Could be you just scared the crap out of him!

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    OMG....just because he stopped whining once you picked him up, doesn't mean he's not hurt. You need to see a vet! The poor puppy could be in serious pain! Get off the computer and go NOW!

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    My dog fell down 2 stairs and hurt his leg. He would yelp everytime he put pressure on it. I held him and ran my hand up his leg and he didn't seem to mind so I knew it wasn't broken. I iced it for 30 minutes and then put him in his crate for an hour to keep him still. When he came out he would walk on it like there was never a problem. I would go through this procedure and take him to the vet if he yelps when you touch it, or acts like he is still in pain when you let him walk on it.

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    You need to get him to a vet. He may have broken his leg or it can just be really sore. The vet will be able to determine how bad it is and provide you with the best care. My dog has a torn ligament in his knee and he has meds to to until he is old enough for the surgery to correct it.

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    I suggest you call your local after hours pet emergency hot line located in the phone book. They can usually tell you how severe the problem is and whether or not your dog will need immediate medical attention. Please do not wait many breeds of dogs can break a leg and go without the acknowledgement of pain until severe infection sets in and allot of the time that means amputation or euthanasia.

  • Ummm You've probably hurt his leg...It's either bruised or possibly even fractured...Puppies have pretty flexible bones, but watch for swelling. Better call the vet to be safe.

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    Take him to the vet to make sure you did not accidentally break anything. The poor puppy is probably in pain.

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    Take him to the vet before it gets worse

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    You need to get him to the vet to make sure it has not been broken. If you can't get him to the vet right away, make sure you keep an I on him and keep him under observation.

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    You should take him to the vet but if it wont put it's leg down for a week then please take it to the vet.

    Source(s): This happend to my dog but we got there in time...
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