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how can i make my dogs breath smell better without having to brush her teeth every day?

She is a six year old border collie and she only eats dry food. No people food...ever.

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    Doggie milk bones will clean their teeth and breath and they love them!

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    I have a collie, an old-fashioned farm collie though, not a border collie. :)

    If your dog will eat greens, adding parsley or the opportunity to eat long grasses will help alot. Otherwise, try changing her dogfood (gradually!) to a different brand. Give it a couple weeks once the transition is complete and see if there's any improvement.

    I've noticed that Jocko's breath is changes according to which brand of dog food he's been eating. Purina Pro smells fine on him, but different dogs have different chemistries...

    And, fwiw, I don't ever brush his teeth. He gets an occasional beef knuckle or pork rib-bone and regularly gets milkbone and kirkland dog treats, though. He's 8 yo and his teeth are in beautiful shape.

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    Is there a nasty, fishy, almost metalic odor? If so, it is impacted anal glands.

    Small sacks on both sides of the dog's butt hole fill with this really gross, thick fluid that smells really bad. Usually the sacks empty when the dog poops, but sometimes they get infected and can't empty on their own. As they fill, it annoys the dog, so they lick the area and a little of the fluid escapes into the mouth resulting in awful breath.

    You need to go to a vet. The vet can empty the sacks and prescribe medicine if there is an infection or something back there. They will also look at the teeth, your dog might need a cleaning. It's better to be safe than sorry.

    Sorry to be so gross, but it is worth looking into.

    Source(s): I'm a Vet Tech seen lots of bad breath that came from the other end of the dog.
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    We got our dog some doggy breath mints from a pet store. At first she didn't like them, but now she thinks they are a treat, and she doesn't like to go to bed until she's had hers. It helps keep her breath smelling, well, not exactly sweet, but less unpleasant. She actually doesn't have bad breath, she just has doggy breath, but it isn't so bad that you cannot stand to have her breathe in your face.

    We did try parsley and Greenies, but she refused both. The parsley was taken outside and spit out, and the Greenies were taken outside and buried somewhere in the garden, never to be seen again.

    I just checked the bottle, and what we use is 8 in 1 D.D.S Dental Care for Dogs Dental Breath Tabs. They are small, and if needed, you can give more than one a day. We also feed her good quality dry food (Iam's), and we give her dry doggy biscuits (again, Iam's brand). It's a silvery blue bottle with a screw-on lid. I bought them at a pet store, but I have seen them at other places, as well.

    I would just like to congratulate you on feeding your dog dog food, rather than people food. It's sometimes very hard for us to look into our dog's big brown eyes and her sweet face and refuse her a bit of our food, but my vet told me that dogs live the longest and are most healthy if they eat dry food formulated for dogs. He said dogs that don't eat people food tend to live an average of 2-3 years longer than dogs that get a lot of table scraps. We love our dog and would like to have her with us forever, but since that isn't possible, we are trying to give her the longest, healthiest life we can. She is about four years old now, and we are looking forward to many more years with her.

    I have included two links below to places that sell the kind of breath mints we use over the internet. However, they are, as I mentioned above, easy to find at a pet store, so if you look around, you may be able to save on shipping costs.

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    dogs teeth should be brushed daily just like peoples. There are a few different chews that will help with bad breath for dogs. Check your local pet store.

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    the only way to solve this problem is to go get her teeth cleaned at the vet. by removing all the plaque, tarter and bacteria that go along with those you shall remove the bad breath (she will still have dog breath though) after that keep her on a dental diet like the one from MEDICAL or HILL's. also when having her teeth cleaned they can get a really good look in the mouth and often you find grass or hair or sticks stuck between teeth that start to fester... ew... best way to deal with it in my opinion... and i know i am right :)

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    Over the years, I have had numerous dogs and I never cleaned their teeth. However I gave them a carrot to chew every day and a RAW meaty bone once a week. Their teeth were clean and healthy and they did not have gum problems.

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    A bit of parsily a few times a day will help, providing the dogs are healthy, and it's a nutritious solution

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    They breath mints out for dogs. Go to Petco and try to find it. I got my dog some and her breath smells good.

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    Try dog bisquits called "Breath Busters" or "Green " They both work well, are good for the dogs gums and make breath tolerable.

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