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Whats your favorite line from a country song?

mines,, "& if you could ask me if i love him, I'd lie."

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    Prop me up against the jukebox when I die

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    Garth Brooks song " That Summer " was rewritten 4 or 5 times.

    Frustrated, the Band just went ahead & finally recorded the song with One Line missing...unable to decide What to add?

    The line started out " every time I pass a wheat field "

    Eventually completed with " and watch it dancing with the wind "

    I just think this exempifies the complete Professionalism, Garth Brooks brings to his Music....The Line just Zings...You Envision it, Feel the Movement!

    On the liner notes for " garth brooks/ the hits"...He states He's glad they held out for the " good stuff " & smiles everytime He Sings the Line!... I do too!

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    "Some folks look through telescopes and dream of flying high above the stars. They say it won't be long till we can all hop on a ship to Mars. Well I'm just a simple man theres alot that I don't know but as long as your here with me I'd just as soon stay home ON THIS SIDE OF THE MOON..."

    Alabama-On This Side Of The Moon

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    Whatch gonna do with a cowboy by Chris Ledoux

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    1 decade ago

    Paint your windows with a view of Walmart

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    Life ain't always beautiful-Gary Allen

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    "you said you'd love me forever than you said it's over and left me without the missing link,

    i thought I'd forget you but i guess i forgot to"

    because i felt this way once

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    she don't want no cuervo gold margarita ain't enough good burn in tequila she needs something with a little more pain

    whiskey girl by Toby Keith

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    - 'you've got to stand for something, or you'll fall for anything' love that song

    - 'I was country, when country wasn't cooooool' I can relate

    - 'I GOTTA BRAND KNEW GIRLFRIEND!!!' lol bet you don't know what that it from

    - 'going through hell, keep on going, face that fire, walk right through it, you might get out before the devil even knows your there' If You're Going Through Hell (Before The Devil Even Knows)

    - 'singin off pich, but he knows all the word..... grabes him a girl and he holds on tight, he don't see ugly through blood shoot eyes' Billy's Got His Beer Goggles On

    - 'love me like you used to, instead of like you have to .....and darlin, when you touch me, you can love me agaaaaaaaain..... hold me like you want to, instead of like you have to' Love Me Like You Used To

    - 'strike one, hey baby do you come here often, strike two, hey baby now whats your sign, strike three, hold on now where you going, Jimmys out, next in line ..... everybody strikes out 9 times out of 10' Swing

    - 'All week long, I'm a real nobody, but I just punch out, and it's big check friday, weekends here, good god omighty, gonna get drunk and be somebody!!' Get Drunk and Be Somebody

    - 'young boy gets to thinking, runs up to his bedroom, comes running back with a quarter and four dimes' The Dollar

    - 'I'm for the farmer, with dirt on his hands, and the soldiers who fight for this land..... I'm just one of many, who don't get know respect, politically uncorrect' Politically Uncorrect

    - 'way down yander on the chattahoochee, it gets hotter than a hoochie choochie, we lay rubber on the georga asfalt, we got a little crazy, but we never got caught' Chattahoochee

    there are too many, I can't write them all lol =]

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    What in hell kept us together, through Ten Years Of This.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I was country when country wasnt cool

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