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what is the best way to peel and chop into small chunks a mango?

they are always so juicy that I get into such a mess then have to slurp it down.. mmmmm yummy

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    cut lengthwise in half....around the seed...then you can take each half and on the cut side, with your knife make a criss-cross pattern like you'te setting up tic tac toe...cutting all the way to the skin (but not through).....then with your thumbs push the middle out from the skin side....the little cubes will pop up and you can eat them right off the skin

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    I saw them do this on's the best way!

    To remove the flesh from a mango, cut through the mango parallel to the seed, that is, on the flat side. Use the knife to skim the surface of the seed, cutting over it. Repeat on the other side; you should then have 2 slightly concave halves of mango. Using a sharp knife, carefully cut the flesh down to the skin but not through the skin, making strips in one direction and across, making cubes of mango. Turn the mango inside out, forcing the flesh upwards to look like a blunt porcupine. Slice the cubes of mango away from the skin. If you don't want cubed mango, remove the flesh from the seed in the same way, but peel the mango. Then cut the flesh into strips or slices.

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    I love mangos. I have never found a clean dry way to cut it up. I just peel it and eat it. Then I wash up.

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    Do It in the Kitchen sink with a knife

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    truth is i really think you should just cut it in half and eat it from there

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    Here are four ways with pictures......

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