Does under armor really work?

I am most interested in the type used for VERY HOT weather. Describe in detail how it works and improves your performance. If it has shortcomings I especially want to know what those are.


Ok great it wicks sweat away from your body but does this cool you by evaporation or is it just more comfortable. I'm working in 95 degree plus temperatures with 70% plus humidity.

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    I've never found one that can last for more than half a day personally. I'm not saying that one doesn't excist but I do think that a lot of them need improving.

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    It does work....but it is expensive. You also have to wash it in cool water and should never use fabric softeners or dryers sheets, and never put it in the dryer ( it lasts longer that way). I don't think it improves your preformance though, just makes it more comfortable when you a out on the field ( which could improve your performance I guess)

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    Yes, yes and yes. I love the "hot gear". Its wicks your sweat away from you keeping you dry. I wear a bullet proof vest everyday and it gets real hot under it. Under Armor is great for my use as well as Athletes. It also reduces muscle fatigue and wont bunch up like t-shirts

    Source(s): The answer to your question above it cools u because your sweats wicks to the outside of your shirt and runs down it. JUST BYE IT DAMN
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    I dont really know how it works, but I wear it all the time in the summer and I dont sweat a bit! Under Armour is my favorite clothing brand and it's so confortable... The thing I hate though it is so expensive!! Well where I live...

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  • 1 decade ago

    I wear it when I work out and I would never go back to wearing any cotton based shirts. It does not stick to your skin, it wicks the sweat away from your body, and it dries out fairly quickly (much quicker than any cotton based clothing).

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